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For drywall installation and repair in the Zihlman area, JC Smith LLC boasts a 5-star rating for superior service and quality product.
For drywall installation and repair in the Zihlman area, JC Smith LLC boasts a 5-star rating for superior service and quality product.

Top questions to ask before hiring an awning contractor

A professional will assist you with scope and estimates, but having a clear idea of what you want to accomplish will help communication.

Do you want professionals to do everything, or do you have the time and skill to do some of the work?

Many projects such as have a DIY component, such as painting or cleanup.

First and foremost, protect yourself and make sure the contractor and any sub-contractors are licensed, bonded and insured.

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- Tracy Carroll

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- Sheila Madison

We replaced the driveway, patio, fencing, basement windows, flower boxes and several other small projects. The experience was totally a pleasure. This company is very professional, but very friendly and customer oriented. Their prices are very much inl...

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Everything You Need to Know About Fairmont Awning Contractors

Who should I hire if I need Awnings in Fairmont?

Right now there are about 23 companies in and around Fairmont ready to help you with your awnings project.

  • Of the 23 Awning Contractors in the Fairmont area:
    • 3 have a state level accreditation
    • 1 have BBB accreditation.

Below we've listed a few of the top Awning Contractors on Porch:

    • Accreditations/License: Residential Contractor veryify here: West Virginia Division of Labor
    • Accreditations/License: Contractor License veryify here: West Virginia Division of Labor
  • John's Home Improvement
    • G&S Metal Products

      Does the awning contractor I want to hire need to be licensed in Fairmont?

      Before you start any project, it is crucial to learn about the certifications and licenses that you or your Awning Contractor need to have. There are 1 awning contractors in Fairmont that are licensed.

      Here are the types of license(s) Awning Contractors need to have to work on Awnings jobs in WV:

      Should I hire awning contractors with lower ratings in Fairmont to save money?

      The type of awning contractor company that you should hire really depends on the difficulty and specifications of your project. Keep in mind that lower ratings could be a sign of unsuccessful jobs or simply that the professional or company has not done many jobs quite yet. Either way, you will still want to contact any Awning Contractors you are considering and inquire about their work history. There are plenty of great Awning Contractors in Fairmont that have very few or low ratings.

      For example, right now in Fairmont there are: