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Quality Builders, based in Paducah, is an storage construction contractor. They provide shed installation, sunroom construction and more.
Quality Builders, based in Paducah, is an storage construction contractor. They provide shed installation, sunroom construction and more.

Frequently asked questions about carpet cleaners

Carpets are infamous for collecting allergens, dust particles, dirt, and other bacteria, so it’s important to get them thoroughly cleaned. One of the ways to do that is by hiring a professional carpet cleaner. The price to have your carpet professionally cleaned will depend on the size of each room you want cleaned, the type of carpet, and the carpet cleaners near you.

Carpet cleaning companies often charge based on the square footage of the carpet or per room. When it comes to the exact cost, the national average for carpet cleaning is $0.33 per square foot. That means you’re looking at anywhere between $28 to $72 per room, depending on the size and what type of cleaning you choose.

Other things to consider when hiring a carpet cleaner include:

  • If furniture needs to be moved
  • If there are stairways, hallways, and entryways
  • Additional cleaning treatments, such as deodorizing and protecting
  • Carpet condition
  • Where you live
  • Time of year

Expect to pay at least $300 for 1,000 square feet of clean carpet. However, keep in mind that the cost could be lower if the carpet is in good condition, or higher if the carpet requires more care and additional cleaning effort.

You may be wondering what you have to do to get your home ready for a visit from a professional carpet cleaner. The good news is the professionals will do most of the work. That said, there are some things you can do to make it easier on them, including vacuuming your carpet. While your local carpet cleaner may have the capability to vacuum for you, using your own vacuum helps prevent the spreading of foreign germs and bacteria that may come from a professional vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming the carpet before shampooing or steaming also helps loosen and remove dirt particles, hair strands, and pet dander that’s nestled into the carpet. Vacuuming beforehand also protects your carpet from wear and tear and other damage. As an added bonus, if you vacuum before your professional carpet cleaner arrives, they’ll be able to focus more on the shampoo process, leaving you with a beautiful, clean carpet.

Other ways you can help prepare your home for the carpet cleaning pros include:

  • Moving furniture out of the way
  • Storing fragile items out of the way
  • Ensuring easy access to rooms
  • Cleaning from the top down
  • Securing your window drapes
  • Making a list of stains or areas of focus

Don’t be afraid to ask your local carpet cleaners if you’re unsure about what’s included in their services. Many professional carpet cleaners will offer to vacuum, move furniture, and more, but this could be included at an additional cost.

Carpet cleaning can be an investment and may leave you wondering if it’s worth it. The short answer is yes. Chances are you’ll pay more money to have your carpets cleaned professionally, but the pros outweigh the cost. Pro carpet cleaners have access to stronger cleaning equipment, allowing them to get better results than if you were to clean your carpets yourself. With a carpet cleaning professional, you’ll get a deeper clean, better stain removal, and longer-lasting carpet fibers. Additionally, you don’t have to dedicate your free time to the project.

If you’re more of a DIY individual, you also have options for carpet cleaning. If you don’t have your own carpet cleaning machine, you can rent or buy one to tackle the job at a cheaper cost than hiring a professional. However, DIY comes with risks.

Usually, home carpet cleaning machines are unable to heat the water to the same high temperature as a professional machine, meaning less effective cleaning. Plus, these home machines are less powerful than professional ones, so they can’t extract as much water and dirt from the carpet.

Other things to consider with DIY carpet cleaning are the amount of carpet shampoo to use and how fast/slow to move across the carpet. Carpet cleaning can lead to damaged carpets and frustrated homeowners if done improperly.

While DIY is cost-effective overall, it may not be worth it in the long run. If saving money is a priority, consider hiring a local carpet cleaner to handle high-traffic areas where people walk often. That way, you can leave all your furniture in place and enjoy clean hallways, entryways, stairways, doorways, and living areas.

Steam cleaning - also known as hot water extraction - is when hot water vapor is heated to a high temperature at increased pressure. Equipped with a powerful pump and vacuum, this machine sends steam deep into the carpet to loosen dirt, oil, and other stains that may cling to the carpet fibers. Then, the water vapor and dirt are sucked up from the carpet into the machine through a hose. Typically, carpet steaming is done by a professional carpet cleaner with a truck-mounted steam cleaner.

Benefits of steam cleaning your carpet:

  • It only uses water, so it’s good for the environment
  • Less drying time
  • Ideal for getting rid of pests, like fleas, cockroaches, and their eggs

Challenges of steam cleaning your carpets:

  • Stubborn stains may not be fully lifted from the carpet
  • It may be more expensive because you need to hire a professional

Then there’s carpet shampooing, which requires a carpet shampooing machine. A carpet shampooer uses detergent, soap, and agitation to dig out dirt from your carpet. These machines have a tank to hold the cleaning solution and a hose connected to a spinning nylon brush. While using the shampooer, the brush spreads the cleaning solution into the carpet and uses high pressure to lather it. From there, the machine loosens dirt and stains so a vacuum can suck it up. Lastly, the shampooer rinses the carpet with fresh hot water and sucks the moisture away.

Perks of shampooing your carpets include:

  • A deep clean
  • Carpet shampooing machines are available for rent or buy and work well with regular carpeting
  • The ability to clean other upholstered surfaces with an upholstery attachment

Challenges of shampooing include:

  • Using more water than steam cleaners
  • Longer drying time

The type of carpet cleaning you go with could also depend on the type of carpet you have in your home. For example, loop pile carpeting responds well to steam cleaning because of the way the carpet fibers are twisted and looped. Before you invest in cleaning your carpet, consult a professional to find out the recommended cleaning method for your type of carpet.

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