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Remodeling Contractor - Blacksburg, VA


4 reviews


4 reviews

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Blacksburg - Remodeled Home for Sale

Feb 2015

Paint the rooms, put up drywall, basement dry in, repaired doors, trim carpentry, cleaned floors


Blacksburg, VA

Willis Energy Efficiency Services

Oct 2014

Provide energy consulting for this home. Insulated the skirting around the house.


Willis, VA

Meadows of Dan Regrading & Drainwork

Jul 2014

Regraded the property and installed new french drain. Also, put in quarter mile gravel driveway.


Meadows of Dan, VA

Blacksburg Bathroom Remodel

Jun 2014

Bathroom remodel


Blacksburg, VA

Meadows of Dan Remodel

Jun 2014

Completed remodeling work after significant water and hail damage to a home. Removed water staining and damage. Completed drywall work, painting, and trim. Replaced exterior siding. Pressure cleaned the outside. Replaced windows.


Meadows of Dan, VA

Hillsdale Deck Construction

May 2014

Built large front porch deck


Hillsville, VA

rustic furniture building

May 2012

felled tree, milled wood and build custom bar. That's a green project!


Blacksburg, VA

Green project "How to build from the land"

Jun 2011

Help Montessori students build from the land. Using cedar trees that have fallen and leaving only aromatic cedar built a wash shed for farmer market. We used re-purposed metal roofing. To brace uprights we used broken concrete chunks and crushed concrete from old projects that would have went to dump.


Waxhaw, NC

outdoor classroom

Apr 2011

build and outdoor environment for a Montessori program


Waxhaw, NC