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Frequently asked questions about window glass repair companies

Can wood windows be repaired?

Wood windows add charm to a home. Wood is classic, and authentic. What’s more, wood windows offer natural insulation keeping your home cool in the hot months, and warm in cooler weather. There is more good news about wood windows. Wood windows are relatively easy to repair. They can be taken apart to insert new parts. Sashes can be duplicated, and broken parts can be refashioned. If you do not have the time, tools or experience to repair your wood windows, call a pro.

A qualified window repair contractor can tackle such common wood window challenges as rot or general damage inflicted by time or weather. A pro will be able to assess how much damage has been done to your window by rot. Some rot can be fixed with a patch. If the rot is widespread, a pro may recommend replacing your wood windows. Additionally, a window repair pro can do an on-site assessment of your wood windows. They make sure frames and trim pieces are secure and that there is no sign of cracks or decay. Call a window repair specialist to get your wood windows repaired or replaced today.

Can windows be repaired instead of replaced?

When deciding whether you can simply have your windows repaired, or if you need to have your windows replaced it is important to weigh several factors. The choice to repair or replace windows will depend on such issues as the extent of damage that needs to be fixed. If the cost of the repair approaches the cost of replacement, go for the replacement. For example if your window has a broken seal, it makes sense to simply install a new sash which is a minor repair. If your inexpensive vinyl window frames are chipped and scratched, it makes sense to replace them. However, repairing vintage, or multi-pane custom windows could cost far more than a repair.

Energy efficiency is another factor to take into account when deciding whether to replace or repair windows. If your existing windows have tight seals, and are efficient, this factor may be a non-issue. But if you could potentially replace broken windows with more energy efficient ones, you may come out ahead in the long run. It may make sense to hire a window repair pro to check out your broken windows and offer expert advise as to whether to replace or repair them.

Can I just replace the glass in my windows?

Replacing the glass in your windows has several advantages. A glass replacement is relatively inexpensive, and can be accomplished fairly quickly. If you decide to replace the glass, it may make sense to bring in a professional who is accustomed to working with panes of glass which can pose dangers if mishandled. A pro will likely recommend that you replace the broken glass with the same type of glass. If you need a particular type of glass, such as that with a low-e coating, you’ll need to special order the glass.

A properly trained and insured window repair professional will be able to quickly assess the condition of your window. They can offer an estimate for both the cost of the replacement glass, and the cost for installation. A pro will have the experience and tools to get your glass replacement done correctly, efficiently, and safely. Call a glass replacement pro near you today.

How to hire a contractor to replace my windows?

Replacing your home’s windows can be a daunting undertaking. It makes sense to do some research upfront, so that you can hire the best pro to get your new windows properly in place. First, know why you want to replace your windows. Decide whether you’re making the change in order to update or change your home’s overall appearance, or perhaps you’re more interested in increasing your home’s energy efficiency to keep costs down over time. Perhaps you’ve got both those issues in mind as you approach having your windows replaced. If you’ve bought an older home and the windows are damaged beyond repair, you might want to find a window replacement option that allows you to maintain the vintage look, while still improving energy efficiency.

Whatever your window replacement goals might be, make sure your window replacement contractor is properly licensed, bonded, and insured. Make sure they have a local address and phone number and have been in business for a good amount of time, and be sure to check their references. Finally, make sure you get at least three bids before selecting the right pro for the job.

Can you repair a window with a broken seal?

When you notice condensation or streaks between window panes in double or triple pane windows, they may have a broken seal. Over time, heating and cooling expands and contracts the seals, which eventually destroys them. Once the seal is broken, you’ll likely not be able to save the pane. While there are some new contraptions that promise to reduce this fog between panes, the reviews have not been positive overall. It may make more sense to simply replace the pane or the whole sash.

If you’re not a window repair professional, don’t have the time or know-how required to repair your window with its broken seal, it’s smart to hire a window repair pro for the job. They have the tools and knowledge required to quickly and safely install a new sash. When your repair pro is finished, your window will have a renewed lifespan, and the fog between panes will be gone for a crystal clear view!

What does a window repair cost?

If you’re looking at having a window repaired, you might be considering how much the repair will cost. How much you might expect to pay for a repair will vary based on a number of variables. First, if you are having a window repair professional do the work, you’ll need to include the price of labor. When you pay a pro, you’re buying yourself time, and you’re paying for a pro’s experience, know-how, and the reassurance of knowing your pro is licensed and properly insured. This frees you from being liable for any mistakes or damage made on-site during a window repair job.

Factors that affect the cost of a window repair include the type of window frame, the age of the windows, the extent of the window damage, and the complexity of the repair required. Sometimes it makes sense to have a window replaced rather than repaired. The repair versus replacement calculation should be considered carefully. It may make sense to have a window repair pro make a home visit to assess the best course of action, and they should offer a detailed, written estimate for the cost of your window repair. Consult the free Porch project cost guides to get an idea about how much a typical window repair should cost in your area.

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