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Beehives and Buzzcuts

Sep 2011

Beehives and Buzzcuts is a 3,000 square foot childrens hair salon, event and retail space designed for the under 10 set located in New York City. The design concept was to translate nature in a way that a child could visually engage creating a feeling of whimsy and fantasy almost as if inside of a dream or story book. A contrast of night and day time imagery provides visual separation between sections of the salon: nocturnal animals and insects set against a background of warm gray designate the manicure/pedicure area. On the opposite side of the salon, daytime imagery animates the hair cutting stations. A full-scale tree by artist Danny Balgley provides a playful, interactive centerpiece in the reception/retail area. Colorful laminates and linoleum were selected for durable simplicity and used to enliven and define different parts of the salon. Custom furniture including a reception desk, display shelves, cabinets, and manicure tables were designed specifically for the project.

New York, NY

Fort Greene Townhouse

May 2010

The owners of this Fort Greene Townhouse wanted to redesign their outdated and somewhat dark kitchen, opening it up to the living and dining areas also located on the Parlor Floor. As serious cooks, they wanted a functional and streamlined kitchen but also required that the design fit seamlessly and quietly within the elegant and ornate detailing of their historic home. Careful consideration to optimize the work triangle along with specific storage needs influenced the design. The basic galley kitchen layout was enhanced by curved soapstone counter tops, open shelving, and lacquered white cabinets. The materials (soapstone, wood, and stainless steel) were selected for their timelessness and durability.

Brooklyn, NY

Corcoran Office Park Slope

Apr 2009

A large, sunny corner space on the second floor facing a busy street in Brooklyns Park Slope neighborhood was transformed into spacious, bright, and functional office space reworking the layout to have access to the existing ground floor space below. The 3,200 square foot renovation was inspired by a simple, open work station module that could be repeated throughout the space offering some privacy, shared access to the windows, as well as an efficient communal working environment. Custom furniture including desks; cabinets, mailboxes, and a reception area were all developed specifically for the space.

Brooklyn, NY

Castine House

Oct 2007

This Castine, Maine home was inspired both by the vernacular simplicity of coastal fisherman cottages as well as the grander, symmetrical proportions of the historic Federal homes located on the other side of town. Having lived on the property for a number of years before deciding to build a new home, the clients had strong of ideas of how they wanted to the house to overlook the water. Upon approaching the house, one catches views of Penobscot Bay framed by the Main House and Garage, as well as through the generously sized windows which are aligned throughout the house. Once inside, spaces embrace the water. The Kitchen and Living Room face the shoreline. An open layout with its carefully placed windows and doors highlight expansive water views. Simplicity and timeless materials guided many decisions in the design, as well as passive solar concepts. The wood burning stove, placed against a thick stone wall, allows heat to circulate efficiently, conceptually similar to the organization of the New England salt box. 3,200 square foot Main House with 1,100 square foot Garage

Castine, ME

Park Avenue Bathroom

Jun 2007

The owner of a magnificent apartment designed in 1974 by Constantine Vichey, sought a complete re-design for an existing stone bathroom. Taking the inspiration from the existing apartment and a love for stone and minimal details, the bathroom was elegantly clad in large slabs of onyx enhancing the proportions of the space as well as playing off the natural light from the window. A custom teak vanity was designed and detailed for specific storage needs. Minor surface treatment was also completed in the kitchen by replacing the stone floors and counter-tops.

New York, NY

Boerum Hill Apartment

Oct 2006

Struck by the high ceilings and existing brick walls during the demolition phase, the final design sought to capture the loft like feeling in this 1,300 square foot 2 bedroom 1890s brick floor through apartment. The gut renovation involved adding an additional bathroom and office, relocating the kitchen, new flooring, and exposing all of the wood ceiling joists. The layout is very efficient, taking careful thought to maximize usable space for living and built in storage; limiting the space given over to circulation. The materials selected were simple and durable playing off the texture of the existing brick and white painted wood joist ceiling. Details were repeated throughout the rooms to tie the spaces together. The clients have several vintage modern pieces of furniture which when placed within the new renovation added a warm and colorful dimension to the space.

Brooklyn, NY

West Village Apartment

Oct 2005

This 2,150 sq. ft. apartment in a mid-century building has views of a courtyard garden on the south side and West 13th Street on the other. High-impact and minimal architectural moves were used to emphasize the spatial strengths of this apartment with its open, flowing spaces and large, industrial glass and steel windows. Rooms that had been closed off were opened up to one another creating a wonderfully open feeling while still preserving distinct spaces. Every surface and detail were carefully curated, from paint and wall paper, to details of cased openings, back-painted glass, poured concrete countertops, walnut flooring, marble slab walls, teak, and metallic lacquer surfaces on cabinetry, to the crafted walnut slab sliding door and heating enclosure, as well as architectural and decorative lighting and a custom armoire.

New York, NY