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Brookville Ohio Home Prepare for Sale

Oct 2015

First Call Construction completed a wide variety of projects on this home in order to get it ready to be sold. Drywall repairs, painting walls and trim, install faucet and new doors.

Brookville, OH

Beavercreek new subfloor and door installation

Sep 2015

Client's sliding doors leaked and rotted sub-flooring over the years. We removed and replaced the sub-flooring. Since the headers were rotted and sagging, we reframed the door openings, installed new headers. We built a temporary wall to hold the weight during the process. Finally we installed the new French doors.

Beavercreek, OH

Vandalia Ohio Install Outdoor Light Fixture

Jun 2015

Install new light fixture on front porch.

Vandalia, OH

Vandalia OH Wood Ceiling Restoration

Jun 2015

Restore bead board ceiling by sanding and re-staining,

Vandalia, OH

Eaton Bathroom Remodel

Nov 2014

150 yr old farmhouse was far overdue for a whole new bathroom. We started by removing the cast iron bathtub which had rusted through and was no longer safe. Removed fiberglass shower walls and floors. We installed all new plumbing lines and drain, new bathtub, new cement walls for tile. Installed new drywall, textured and painted. and installed new flooring and baseboards to finish this remodel project.

Eaton, OH

Englewood Shower replacement

Oct 2014

Remove tile shower and replace with low maintenance fiberglass shower stall, replace fixtures and fixture valves.

St Louis Park, MN

Beavercreek Refinishing Wood Floors

Jun 2014

Sand and refinish wood floors in 1970's residence in Beavercreek.

Beavercreek, OH

Eaton Window Install

Apr 2014

This home had a piece of wood covering an opening that a window a/c unit had been housed into. Homeowner wanted a larger window installed to allow more light in the kitchen. As such, we needed to make the opening larger and install a window header and reframe the entire opening and install insulation prior to installing the new window. To finish off the inside, we hung drywall, textured the drywall, painted the wall and added a custom window sill. on the outside, we added custom window trim, caulked and paint completed this project.

Eaton, OH

Paint Exterior of Home

Jun 2013

Paint exterior of home in Englewood

Englewood, OH