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Exterior Painting

May 2019

Scraping to remove all the old paint. Application of prime Repainting siding of the same color.


Arlington Heights, IL

Deck powerwash and stain

May 2019

Powerwash was done Scraping to remove all excess wood and old paint. It was applied primer Movable boards were placed in the lower part, to make a small tool store below the deck. Staining and sealer of all wood.


Lincolnshire, IL

Powerwash and painting Porch

Apr 2019

Washed, stained and painted porch


Maywood, IL

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Mar 2019

We work in the kitchen, covering the necessary areas so as not to damage them, we prepare the work area. The finished was matt white. The area was very small, but with the right care we were able to do the work.


Chicago, IL

Bathroom remodelation

Dec 2018

Cleaning and all the ceramic and paint old was removed. Walls and cabinets were painted. New ceramics were installed and the different bathroom accessories such as mirrors, lights, bars and more.


Naperville, IL

Epoxy finish

Apr 2020

Epoxy finish on the garage floor. The area is cleaned, the floor is sanded, the area is prepared with the necessary products. Granulated epoxy.


Bolingbrook, IL


Mar 2020

Make pressure washH. Apply a stain of the same color to the backyard fence, around both sides.

Oak Brook, IL


Jun 2019

Make pressure washer on fence on both sides, repair damaged parts and apply stain in red on both sides, using the spray machine.

Algonquin, IL

Reinstallation of tile

Apr 2019

The previous worker put the cement only in the center of the tile and by the humidity of the water all the parts were already loose. The badly installed tile was carefully removed because the same tile was used. We remove the cement from the walls and eliminate the excesses. Subsequently we install the cement and the tile correctly and apply the ground.

Chicago, IL