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Based in Farmington, A-All Lock & Key Co is a locksmith company that offers key cutting, lock installation, emergency lockout and more.
Based in Farmington, A-All Lock & Key Co is a locksmith company that offers key cutting, lock installation, emergency lockout and more.

Frequently asked questions about locksmiths

Hiring a professional locksmith to change your locks is the best way to make sure your house is secure. Though some people attempt a DIY job, it can result in a poorly installed lock that doesn’t fit well. It can also result in a lock that doesn’t function properly or damage to the door frame due to unnecessary drilling or other errors.

Having a professional change your locks is beneficial for many reasons:

Your local locksmith will have specialized tools to get the job done, which you may not have on hand. For example, if your lock needs to be picked, they might use a rake, tension z-wrench, a hook, or even a half-diamond.

A locksmith employs trained techniques to ensure the lock is long-lasting and to prevent damage. They use skills like bumping to nudge out a pin tumbler lock or a drill to remove old locks and install a more heavy-duty system.

A professional locksmith can install a new deadbolt to increase the security of your home.

A locksmith can also rekey or replace your current lock system if necessary. They can repair broken locks, install high-security lock systems like deadbolts or touch pads, and get into a locked car, safe, or shed. If your locks need to be replaced or updated, your local locksmith can do that too.

In many cases, a rekey is a better idea than changing the locks. It’s just as efficient and is much more economical. Some locksmiths may try to convince you to get a whole new lock when it is just the internal lock system that needs to be changed.

When you speak to a local locksmith near you, ask them if it’s possible to rekey your existing lock first. It’s possible to have the lock rekeyed without having the original. That means if you lose the keys to your house or safe and don’t want to risk having the keys compromised, your locksmith can rekey your current lock to have a whole new fit.

The locksmith can get into your current lock by doing the following steps:

  • Use special tools to pick and shim the lock.
  • Remove the lock cylinder, pins, and tumblers.
  • Adjust the pins inside the lock, rendering the current set of keys useless.
  • Replace the locks with a different combination
  • Reinstall the lock.
  • Give you a new set of keys that will fit into the newly structured lock.

There are ways to tell if you’ve found a reliable locksmith. A locksmith company will likely have reviews and information on their website, while a private local locksmith may give an estimate specific to the job.

When you start making calls to find your new go-to locksmith, ask them about their experience, references, and credentials. If they’re upfront with you on the phone and willing to produce the paperwork you ask for, you’ve probably found a trustworthy locksmith.

Here are some more specific tips for finding a trustworthy local locksmith:

  • Research - Do an online search for “locksmiths near me” to see what your options are. Usually, the ones that come up first are the most popular, but they also charge more.
  • Examples of work - Check to see if they have examples of previous work done.
  • Reviews - Read what others have said about top-rated locksmiths.
  • BBB rating - Ask the locksmith for their business credentials and ratings to ensure they are up-to-date on their licensing.
  • Their estimate - While it’s fine if a quote is in the lower range of the average, if the estimate is much lower than estimates from other locksmiths, be aware there might be a reason for it.

It costs on average between $100 and $250 to change the locks on your home. The price of the lock varies depending on the style, manufacturer, and material. The cost of the new lock itself can range from $70 to $225 or more, and the labor will cost between $70 and $100 per hour.

The cost to rekey a lock is between $30 and $60 per lock, which will come to between $80 and $160 with labor. This is a great option that many people don’t consider, as it is less costly than changing the lock. In some cases this doesn't work, like if the existing lock is too old or if you want a new system, such as a bolt or keypad installed.

Common factors that will affect the cost to change locks:

The type of work that needs to be done. If your internal lock system needs to be swapped out, it won’t take as long as if the whole system is removed and replaced. If the lock is rusty or hard to get at, your costs will increase if additional tools are needed. Your local locksmith will include specific information about all this in the initial estimate but expect to pay an extra few dollars an hour.

High-security locks cost more. If you want to have a deadbolt installed, prepare for it to take longer as there are more intricate parts to the locking system.

Depending on where the locksmith is coming from, you may have to pay a trip fee of $50 to $100. This is why it’s a good idea to specifically search for a “local locksmith near me.” They may charge a flat rate within a radius or a rate per mile driven.

If the locksmith has to come late at night or on the weekend, there may be additional charges for after-hours services.

The national average people spend on a locksmith is about $150, with an average range of $85 to $250. The cost to hire a local locksmith depends on the job that needs to be done, how experienced the locksmith is, and how far they have to travel.

To hire a locksmith to get into your house, the basic rate will start at $65. The rate could go as high as $185 if there are other factors, such as a complicated lock, a far traveling distance, or an after-hours call. If you have to get your lock rekeyed or replaced, the cost will be higher than if you simply need to have the locksmith let you into your house because you forgot your keys.

Notably, the cost to get a locksmith to open a lock on your house is less expensive than having them open your car lock. You may get the locksmith to do more complex jobs such as replacing your door, making copies of your key, or installing a safe, which all have their own pricing for the job. Keep in mind locksmiths will often charge by the hour for basic, routine jobs but may charge more for complicated tasks or jobs that need special equipment or skills.

The type of lock will affect the cost to get into a house. Locks can range from simple turn systems to more complex, high-security systems. Older locks may require a special technique or tool. Some locks are difficult to access because of accumulated rust or a complicated design, like mortise, high-security, or locks with an interchangeable cylinder core lock design. Simple designs like bored cylinder or tubular chassis locks are straightforward to change and therefore cost less. Some more expensive designs are locks with sidebar pins, mortise style, or case locks.

If you lose the keys to your safe, or if someone has a key that you don’t want to access the safe, you can hire a local locksmith to open the safe and change its lock. They’ll do this by installing a new one or rekeying the existing one.

You’ll need a professional who specializes in opening safes. Not every locksmith offers safe-opening services. An experienced safe locksmith will probably cost more, but you know they can effectively open the safe.

If the safe at your home or office is remote and your locksmith needs to travel any significant distance for the job, you’ll have to pay extra. Sometimes locksmiths charge a flat rate for a given radius, and anything outside that radius is added on per mileage. Additional fees will be charged for emergency service after hours, such as on the weekend, late at night, or early in the evening. If immediate service isn’t needed, it’s wise to wait until the next business day to make the call to avoid these extra costs. This service would be helpful if you were locked out of your safe and needed to get in immediately.

A locksmith’s work ranges greatly, so if you have a simple job like a jammed lock, you don’t need someone specialized. If you’re installing a complicated lock system or need a car locksmith, you’ll likely have to pay more than a standard rate.

It’s a good idea to read the reviews and call around for some estimates before hiring any particular locksmith. Be sure to ask about all additional fees and costs upfront.