Handy Loni

General Contractor - Fremont, CA

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Concrete driveway

Mar 2019

This project was a last minute add on the finalize a home before going out on the market. Planning and mapping out this sloped area was a little bit challenging. First day grading with a skid steer than 3/4 base gravel for leveling. And then I started with digging the wall foundation. Next step was to form the outer wall than reinforcing with 1/2 rebars than the inside form was basically hanging from the outer wall and little support from the inside and ready for pour


Saint Helena, CA

Redwood Shore staircase custom tile renovation

Feb 2019

Original staircase had carpet. Customer needed tile instead. We removed all the carpet also underneath the the stairs had a closet, had to install a half sized door on the other end for easier access. First week in of the project it was only myself working and the second and third I had an extra hand for help. Job took a little longer than had planned. But everything was beautifully designed and completed Customer was happy with the project. Only problem we had ran into, was a little miscommunication between I and the customer. I thought that they wanted a gloss finish. Since we both agreed on it. After completing the job. They asked if we could take off the gloss finish and that they only want natural sealant. Which it didn't take too long. Completed the job and both parties were satisfied with the final product.


Redwood City, CA