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Carolina Pines

Oct 2014

A homeowner hired us to patch drywall, paint and install carpet in two rooms of his home. The project was originally supposed to be a simple cosmetic repair, however upon further examination the homeowner and we determined that more work was needed to the home. The homeowner had termites, so we had to repair the termite damage. Also, we learned under the existing carpet was 1970's shag carpet glued to the floor. Needless to say that this was a hefty project. We started the work by repairing the termite damage and installing new drywall. We also had to re-position the studs for the closet because the doors wouldn't close properly. After the drywall and wood were installed and the holes were patched, we installed new wainscoting to one of the rooms. When we were ready to start painting, the homeowner decided that he wanted one tan room and one periwinkle room. We added new moulding to the windows so the homeowner could decorate his home. We also did some minor electrical work that included installing new outlets and ceiling fans. New carpet was installed in the two bedrooms and the master bedroom was included.


New Bern, NC

Oakleaf Drive

Apr 2013

The Oakleaf Drive project was very complex and involved. The project consisted of a complete living room remodel (floors, carpet, carpentry, staircase and landing re-flooring, kitchen and bathroom work). BambCorp had to hire Robert Santana from Angel Floors to assist with the project to complete the work on time. The living room was completely re-carpeted and a bamboo walkway was installed that led from the front door to the kitchen, which was completely re-floored with bamboo. The fireplace foundation was tiled, and a new mantle was constructed completely from scratch. The kitchen cabinets were replaced, the guest bathroom tiled, and the master bathroom shower was redesigned and re-tiled. The staircase and attached landing was re-floored, and the handrail was replaced and painted.


Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Daniels Court

Feb 2013

The owners of Crystal Coast All Stars hired BambCorp to install a new tile floor in their kitchen. The project was a very simple installation that consisted of new tile, grout and trim.


Havelock, NC

Falcon Ridge

Jan 2013

The homeowner was preparing for a deployment and wanted his fireplace redone before he left so his wife would be able to enjoy it. We had to re-shape the mantle, install tile on the face and floor in front of the fireplace. The mantle had round edges and didn't connect to the two walls, so we had to fix that for the homeowners.


Havelock, NC

Crystal Coast All Stars

Jan 2013

The project for Crystal Coast All Stars (CCA) consisted of installing drywall to cover two walkways between two gyms. The project called for 14 full sheets of drywall, a gallon and a half of drywall compound, 3 rolls of seam, and corner shaping. What Ms. Adkinson wanted was to close off the walkways so that the two cheerleading classes that she teaches couldn't be distracted by each other. So, Billy and I went in and installed the drywall according to her specifications. The main problem that we encountered was scheduling work around her classes. We wouldn't perform work while her students were present, so we had to go in during off-hours to complete the project on time.


Morehead City, NC