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12x10--- 8 feet high

May 2020

build a 12x10 deck after old one was demoed. 1/2inch bolts attached to house every 16 inchs on 2 sides to minimize post. 6x6 post all screws no nails number 1 grade deck boards number 2 grade structure wood material was 1100ish tax and delivery included. through home depot labor was 1200


Conyers, GA

deck 12x25

Aug 2018

tear down old 10x25 deck build new 12x25 deck screwed and bolted number1 grade decking 6x6 post also installed a new door on back of house at deck, blinds in the glass-door was around 400 and 150 labor


Sharpsburg, GA

basement finish

Apr 2018

Customer wanted basement finished. had to reframe some 1200 labor and material drywall hanging and finishing was 11k material and labor electrical was 3k material and labor plumbing was 3k material and labor -customer painted material was around 400 or so -customer did on special sound insulation think said was around 2k in material. I haven't got the after pics yet once they done painting ill get and upload.


Ellenwood, GA

deck rebuild

Dec 2017

HOMEOWNERS PAY ATTENTION: The home owner used homeadvisor garanteed installer.They say background checked, insured, licensed same as and all the other sites like these.Let me be clear NONE of these sites do background checks and don't look hard into insurance as it can be faked so easy.This guy was a career criminal and had fake insurance but when homeowner called homeadvisor before getting an estimate this is one of the ones they reffered to him and said he was a trusted installer .ALWAYS do your own research on anyone coming on your property.( this is why i try to only do work from referals) First set of pictures is what i saw when we arrived to do the job...its horrible.The home owner chose this guy because he was a trusted installer and smelled of sweet honey like most jacklegs. The guy charged 2700 to tear down the 10x10 and rebuild it and the 3x3 stoop.The customer paid half up front which is normal but after he finished the stoop and left he never returned.long story short the homeowner finally tracked him down in jail and turns out has a long history of jail. He asked me to take alot of pictures of what he did wrong. He did his own backgrounds so he could try and get his money back through court etc. I was able to let him buy his material from lowe's and get 18 month no interest and then pay me for labor only this helped absorb some of the hit he took getting ripped off by the other guy and 18 months to hopefully get a legal win. The guy dug down maybe 4 inchs for the post, the bolts were not even screwed in so it could have easily fell over.The joist were notched to a 1 inch piece holding up the deck id say a 300 pound person would snap that piece off.stair stringer was cut backwards i think he used old stringers to trace from maybe.Cuts weren't even close to straight not sure if maybe he used a chainsaw to cut wood.Anyhow look at the before pics to see what never to do when building a deck.


Riverdale, GA

ceilng stain

Jun 2017

had a leak from all the leak fixed and needed stain gone.


Dallas, GA


Jun 2017

removed old basic globe style lights in home. installed 11 lights 1 chandelier customer bout them all from Lowe's for couple hundred dollars


Morrow, GA

counter tops

Jun 2017

customer wanted to change up kitchen a little so laminate ctops best option for a quick new look. demo and hauled off old ctops removed sink removed gas stove installed new ctops fixed leak under sink installed old sink back installed old stove back readjusted doors on cabs to close again ctops were around 400 from Lowes


Morrow, GA

redeck and rail 13x16

May 2017

customer wanted to not rebuild all new to save some money and substructure was still in great shape.So just made it look pretty again and usable. remove old deck boards and railing. tear down old stairs and landing build new stairs on other side. redeck with new boards and new railings. screws and bolts no nails 13x16 material was 1192$ demo was 300$ labor was 1280$


Morrow, GA

stair tread replacement

Apr 2017

customer had tryed to use the deck restore stuff from home depot and did not work like she thought. removed treads replaced with new premium #1 grade deck board screwed not nailed. material was around 300 from Lowes


Rex, GA