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Retaining wall construction and turf installation

Mar 2018

Synthetic turf installation, Pavers installation, Landscape lightning. Retaining wall


Seattle, WA

New sod install

Jan 2018

Demo and dispose of old sod and bushes irrigation New sod installation


Edmonds, WA

Retaining wall+synthetic turf+deck extension

Sep 2017

Install Retaining wall 20 ft x 3 ft: Install drain behind retaining wall Install crushed rock behind retaining wall. Install retaining wall cap on retaining wall. Install 4ft retaining wall steps with caps. On left side of retaining wall. Total cost $ 3200.00 ($650.00 steps, $300 caps). Install synthetic turf in area for lawn: Approx. 300 sq. ft. of synthetic turf will be installed. Install crushed rock beneath the turf base Install synthetic turf Install infill sand Install turf stakes Total cost $4800.00 Install new decking to match existing decking: Install new 2x6 framing New deck boards Stain match as close as possible Area 20ft. x 5 ft. Install 4ft. deck steps off side of deck on the turf Total cost $2500.00


Renton, WA

Synthetic Turf

Jun 2017

• Prep surface area consisting of 5200 sq. ft. over 3 areas. 1. Remove all unwanted growth, weeds, and debris. 2. Cut and cap existing irrigation off new turf area. 3. Divert any sprinkler heads at turf edge to water beds, change heads if needed. 4. Lay approx. 5200 sq.f.t of metal mesh wire “per customer to prevent rodents / moles”. Customer provided materials. 5. Level and roll ½” new topsoil over 5200 sq. ft. 6. Install 5200 sq. f.t filter fabric. 7. Level and plate compact ¾” 5/8- crushed rock over 5200 sq. ft. 8. Install black trim border in all areas not adjacent to curbs, walkways, retaining wall, or existing hard surface border. Est. 350 linier feet. • Install 5200 sq. ft. of new “spring” synthetic turf over 3 areas. • Infill turf with layers of fine sand est. 7 yards.


Auburn, WA

Front/Backyard renovation

Jun 2017

Install synthetic turf at back yard. 1. Remove existing driveway 2. Demo and remove shed 3. Remove and reinstall wood fencing 4. Install 4 inches of 5/8 minus footing, to be installed below synthetic turf. 5. Install synthetic turf. 6. Install synthetic turf infill. 7. Brush and roll synthetic turf. 8. Total sq. footage approx. sq. ft. installed 1260 Install a concrete driveway and new concrete pad by back door. 1. Remove existing concrete and asphalt 2. Install crushed rock for concrete base 3. Plate level and compact base material. 4. Install rebar ft. on center 5. Install broom finish concrete 6. Install 1ft. exposed aggregate concrete borders on either side of new driveway 7. Install 1ft exposed aggregate going through driveway at entry, middle, and end. 8. Install 4 inch exposed aggregate curb between concrete and synthetic turf. 9. Install a 4 inch sleeve under drive way for future wiring or usage. Install a new retaining wall 2 ft. height 32 feet in length 1. Install 1 ft. footing beneath the existing soils. 2. Plate level and compact wall footing with plate compactor 3. Wall will be a 6 inch poured concrete wall. 4. Wall will be built as shown in picture. 5. Install a 4 inch French drain behind retaining wall. – Drain pipe will be sleeved. 6. Install 1 ft. of crushed rock behind retaining wall. 7. Max wall height will be 2 feet. Wall will taper as it terminates 8. Wall length will be 32 linear feet. Install a new railing along retaining wall and step ledge 1. Install 32 feet of wire railing 2. Railing will have aluminum top rail and aluminum pickets 3. Railing will be bolt mounted to concrete and retaining wall. 4. Railing will be 36 inches in height. Install a new gate along driveway entrance. 1. Install 20 feet of rolling gate 2. Gate will have aluminum top rail and aluminum pickets 3. Gate will be bolt mounted to concrete and retaining wall. 4. Gate height will be 48 inches (approx.). Install a new lighting system along drive and wall. 5. Install 7 lights – style to be determined. 6. Install a unique transformer 7. Install conduit for lighting 8. Install low voltage wiring


Seattle, WA

Steps, lawn, fire-pit, water feature

Aug 2017

Remodelicng backyard - new lawn, steps, retaining wall, fire-pit, water feature

Seattle, WA

Landscape Design

May 2016

Landscape Design: Retaining wall, irrigation system, fencing, pavers, sod install, tree removal, drainage system.


Kirkland, WA