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"I needed a clean air test done ASAP. Called them up and within an hour, they were at my home. They explained everything step by step and was very engaging and highly professional. I would definitely do business with them again."
"I needed a clean air test done ASAP. Called them up and within an hour, they were at my home. They explained everything step by step and was very engaging and highly professional. I would definitely do business with them again."

Frequently asked questions about home inspectors

Buying a home is the biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to buy your next place, there are many benefits of hiring a professional home inspector.

Walking through a home, you may notice a few things you want to fix or rooms you want to paint. The home inspector will assess important HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. Inspectors notice structural or insulation problems that you and your real estate agent probably missed. The inspector outlines all their findings in a report and walks you through the property to explain major issues.

If you decide to go through with the purchase, the home inspection report offers a roadmap for repairs you may need. The inspection report is also great leverage for contract negotiations with the seller. If there’s a major repair on the report, you can ask the seller to cover it or come down on the sale price.

Of course, the main benefit of hiring a home inspector is that they’ll help you avoid buying a home that needs more work than you’re willing to pay. As long as your offer is contingent on the home inspection, you’ll be able to walk away with your down payment and find the property that works best for your family and your budget.

Before you hire a home inspector, make sure they’re certified. Not all home inspectors are members of the American Society of Home Inspectors, so check that yours is. Members of AHSI adhere to a standard of ethics, continue their education, and have access to more resources.

Check to make sure your home inspector is insured. Home inspectors usually carry professional liability (aka errors and omissions) insurance and general liability to cover things like property damage claims.

As part of the home buying process, your local home inspector will have a certain number of days to examine the property. Then, you’ll walk through the house together so the inspector can point out any problems they may have found. In the end, the inspector will give you a report detailing everything you need to know.

When choosing an inspector, ask for previous inspection reports to see how thorough they are. Good reports are thorough and include photos. Reading reviews gives you a better idea of what to expect from the home inspector. If you’re choosing between a full-time inspector and a part-time one, hire the full-time inspector – they’ll have booked more hours and experience.

Of course, if you already have a good rapport with your real estate agent, ask who they would recommend. Real estate agents often deal with home inspectors, so they’ll know the best option for you in your area.

You’ve bought your dream home and noticed some water damage in the basement a month later. You hire a contractor to assess it, and they say this isn’t the first time the basement has seen water damage – the foundation wall is bowing from it. This issue should have been on the inspection report. Is the inspector liable?

They can be. That question is why it’s best to hire an inspector who carries errors and omissions insurance, as well as general liability insurance. The inspector will have to file a claim to cover the repairs, but they will be more likely to cover those costs.

As with any legal action, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your money back. Pursuing legal action against an uninsured home inspector will become an even bigger headache, and they may not have the funds available to cover the repairs you need.

You also have to prove that nothing happened to alter the home's condition after you completed the inspection report. For instance, if there aren’t any issues with the roof at the time of inspection, and you notice leaks a few months after a big storm, the home inspector would not be liable.

The cost of a home inspection depends on a few factors, including the location and size of the property. Generally, you should expect to pay a couple hundred dollars for one home inspection. A few things about local home inspectors could increase that price:

  • Experience - When hiring a more experienced home inspector, they tend to charge more.
  • Age and condition of the property - Older homes may cost more to inspect.
  • Travel time - The inspector may charge for commuting if you buy a country home off the beaten path.
  • Additional inspections - Depending on where you buy your home, you may want to invest in specialty inspections. Radon tests, pest inspections, and well inspections will run up the bill. Ask your real estate agents which inspections they would recommend, and plan for them when finalizing your budget.

In some real estate markets, the seller may pay for an inspection ahead of time. Ask your real estate agent if they trust the company that performed the pre-inspection. This awareness can help you decide whether or not to invest in another inspection.

If you’re selling a home in a competitive market, investing in a pre-sale home inspection may be a good idea. As a seller, some pros include the following:

  • The inspection report will paint a realistic view of the property, helping you and your real estate agent set a competitive listing price.
  • A pre-sale inspection allows you to make any necessary repairs or updates to get a greater return on investment when the time comes to sell.
  • You won’t be surprised by the buyer’s home inspection report. If you’re selling your first home to upgrade to a second, the pre-sale inspection will help you avoid any costly negotiations that the buyer’s report might unearth.
  • If you are selling a relative’s property that you inherited, the pre-sale inspection will give you all the details you need about the property's condition.

While it may seem beneficial to have a pre-sale inspection before you put your home on the market, there can also be downsides. Here are a few cons that impact homebuyers and sellers alike:

  • The seller is legally obligated to reveal any problems with the house to potential buyers. If the pre-sale inspection uncovers some major problems, your plans may need to change.
  • As a homebuyer, remember that the pre-sale home inspection usually benefits the seller. The home inspector likely had the seller’s best interests at heart and not yours. It’s always a good idea to invest in your home inspection.
  • Finally, a pre-sale home inspection doesn’t guarantee the buyer’s inspector won’t find anything wrong with the property.

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In the age of Trump. Honesty is of utmost importance! I was not able to be there for this home inspection so I ordered a sewer scope as well, after the inspection Mr. Morrell told me that the scope wasn't necessary for the short distance of the pipe and ...

- Jeremiah Johnson

Everything You Need to Know About Morgan City Home Inspectors

Does the home inspector I want to hire need to be licensed in Morgan City?

Before you start any project, it is crucial to learn about the certifications and licenses that you or your Home Inspector need to have. There are 0 home inspectors in Morgan City that are licensed.

Here are the types of license(s) Home Inspectors need to have to work on Home Inspection Agencies jobs in LA:

Can I browse unscreened Home Inspectors in Morgan City?

We do our best to screen all of our home inspectors. However, there are still some home inspector professionals in Morgan City that have not been pre-screened. This means that their licenses may not be up to date to operate in Morgan City or LA. Always be sure to pre-screen them yourself before hiring. Here are some unscreened professionals offering home inspection agencies:

  • Dupre Upstream Inspection LLC:
    • Services Offered: Home Inspectors
    • Active/Verified License: No, current status is inactive
  • Gagnet Insp:
    • Services Offered: Home Inspectors
    • Active/Verified License: No, current status is inactive
  • AAA Home Inspections of Louisiana LLC:
    • Services Offered: Home Inspectors
    • BBB Rating: NR
    • Active/Verified License: No, current status is inactive

Who are the best Home Inspectors in Morgan City?

We've found 51 home inspector providers that are available to you in Morgan City.

Keep in mind that every project has different requirements, and some home inspector professionals maybe be more equipped to handle the specifications of your home inspection agencies work than others. Talk to multiple home inspectors before deciding which one is right for you. You will want to consider how much they charge, if they are properly licensed for home inspection agencies work in Morgan City, and if your project is a fit. Here are some suggested professionals and companies to get you started:

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