Top 3 garage door opener installation services in Morro Bay, CA

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Garage Door Opener Installation
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Garage Door Opener Installation
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Frequently asked questions about garage door opener installation services

The cost to install a garage door opener varies according to a number of factors. You’ll need to factor in the cost of the garage door opener itself, along with the cost of the installation process. There is a huge variation in the total cost for installing an automatic garage door opener. Prices vary according to the brand, model, power, and type of garage door and garage door opener in question. Additionally, removal of the old garage door opener is not always included in the installation cost. You might also want to talk to the installation pro about removing the old opener before they start the job.

It makes sense to invest in hiring a contractor to perform your garage door opener installation. In most cases a pro will have the right tools and know how to get the opener installed much more quickly than the average homeowner. After the installation, ask the door opener specialist how to lubricate the opener and how to maintain it going forward.

Installing a garage door opener will take varying lengths of time depending on several factors. Generally speaking, experts estimate that it may take between four and six hours for the opener installation. If the new garage door opener is the same as the one it is replacing, the installation can go more quickly. Replacing a garage door opener with a similar one allows the technicians to use the supports that are already in place. If the new opener is different from the original garage door opener, the contractors will need to remove the old brackets and install new ones adding time to the installation project. Whether the new opener is similar to the existing garage door opener or not, the wiring will need to be updated.

One important factor to consider when estimating how long it will take to install a garage door opener is whether you’ve got the right electrical outlet in the ceiling of your garage. Most garage door openers need to be grounded within a couple feet of the motor unit. You cannot use an extension cord to connect to the outlet. Be sure to get a detailed, written estimate for the time and elements involved in your garage door opener installation.

There are four key factors to take into consideration when you are shopping for a new garage door opener. First, if you want to have access to the garage during a power outage, choose a door opener that includes a battery back up. Next, if you want to operate the garage door opener remotely, choose a WI FI enabled model that will let you see, open, and close the door from a phone or tablet. Check to see if there is a living area close to the garage door. If so, you’ll want to choose a belt or direct drive garage door opener because they are the quietest. Finally, take into consideration the size of your garage door and the frequency with which you will open and close it. Standard aluminum garage doors operate well with ½ horsepower openers. If your garage door is the main entrance to your home, if it is an oversized, heavy, or a one-piece door, you’ll need ¾ to 1 ¼ horsepower opener.

If you want more information before selecting the best garage door opener for your home, consult a garage door specialist near you. They can walk you through each of the options to set your mind at ease about your choice.

If you are deciding between installing a belt or a chain garage door opener, there are several factors to consider. Chain-drive garage door openers are the least expensive choice but it’s also the noisiest type of garage door opener. It is comprised of a metal chain that drives a trolley which raises and closes the garage door. Chain garage door openers often require more maintenance than other types.

Belt-drive garage door openers are more expensive than chain garage door openers. It operates with a steel reinforced rubber belt with nubby teeth on one side which runs through the gear that raises and lowers the door. Belt drive garage door openers have fewer parts than chain-drive garage door openers so they tend to need less maintenance. Because thee belt garage door opener models are quiet, they are a great option if the garage is close to your living quarters. Additionally, belt-drive garage door openers are known for their strength. They can lift and lower most garage doors. Ultimately, the choice is up to the individual homeowner based on their budget and needs.