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2 reviews


2 reviews

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North Salt Lake Ceiling Repair

Oct 2015

These home owners had a roof leak and consequently damaged drywall on their master bedroom ceiling. We reassured them that we can leave it good as new.

North Salt Lake, UT

1920's home remodel in the Avenues

Sep 2015

The homeowner is a house flipper who wanted a high quality job in various areas of the home. Main Pictures are of the Kitchen because of the detailed work that went to it. The walls were plaster and the electricians made cuts into it everywhere including the ceiling. we tied into existing walls that were untouched and made it look like nothing ever happen.

Salt Lake City, UT

Bathroom Remodel

Sep 2015

A bathroom remodel to this basement/movie room in this gorgeous house. we added moisture resistant drywall for the bathtub area, bull nose corners as well as square corners around the closet. Smooth wall finish and textured ceiling. homeowner decided to do the painting themselves.

West Jordan, UT

Bountiful Basement remodel

Aug 2015

Homeowner had wood paneling on the walls and wanted to get rid of it and and have a more modern clean look with new drywall. this was a small basement that required light framing work to finish.

Bountiful, UT

Kitchen Remodel

Aug 2015

These home owners in Bountiful did a complete Kitchen remodel and hired us to finish the job.

Bountiful, UT

Swamp Cooler Patch Repair

Jun 2015

Home owner has taken out swamp cooler and wanted to patched that up. We cut the hole to make a little bigger to hang a piece of drywall, than we tapped it and added mud and we texture the area to match the existing ceiling ready for paint.

South Jordan, UT