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Architects Loft

The self-built conversion of the architect’s own apartment from a high ceiling loft to a multi-level, multi-use living environment for a family of three. Everything has a place in this home: Open up cabinets and stairs to reveal additional storage, a home entertainment area for TV and computer, a slide-out laundry hamper and fold-out ironing board which can all be tucked away and hidden when not in use. A raised deck was designed to utilize as much space as could be gained for a home entertainment center, storage and media. It is a transition point from the living room to the sleeping loft and is used as a playroom and library. A sleeping loft is accessed by a series of alternating stairs.


Brooklyn, NY

Carroll Gardens House

The conversion of a row house on a quiet street for a family of four. The upper two floors were updated and modified to create more open spaces. The lower level was completely re-imagined with an open living and recreation area, modern oak stair and a rear extension and glass doors to the garden. The extension has a new deck having access from the kitchen and dining room above.


Brooklyn, NY

Terrace House

On a corner lot in the South Slope, a creative couple with two young boys envisioned a conversion of a formerly cramped 3 family house into an open and light filled upper floor duplex and a rental apartment below. The existing 5 car garage and roof were completely re-built and transformed into a deck and terrace with green roof and integrated planters for gardening and recreation for the family.


Brooklyn, NY

Floating Box House

This house stands between Texas’ rural past and Austin’s new urban skyline. To avoid distraction from the rural landscape, significant portions of the program are located below grade. The buried plinth, the floating box, and the entirely transparent glassed enclosure create a frame which allows for an unobstructed view of the yard and live oaks on one side and the Austin skyline on the other.

Austin, TX

One Brooklyn Bridge Park

A renovation of an apartment located in a former wharehouse that was converted to residences in 2007 and located in Brooklyn Bridge Park directly on the East River. The family of 4 needed to combine bedrooms. convert a underutilized bathroom into a study and provide new finishes and lighting.

Brooklyn, NY

Downtown Loft

A conversion of a cramped and outdated apartment into an lively, modern apartment for a young professional couple. The height of the space was utilized and expanded to create a loft space for a home office above. You reach the space via a spiral stair designed both functionally and sculpturally to occupy the least amount of space possible while giving a feeling of cascading from the loft to the floor. The loft above was detached from the wall that supported it, hung from the ceiling and clad in oak, emphasizing the fact that it is its own element floating in the space. This critical gesture allows light to spill into the entry space and aids in the open feeling of the apartment.


Brooklyn, NY

Eastern Parkaway Apartment

This renovation across the street from the Brooklyn Museum capitalized on the existing layout of the 650 sf space by converting walls and cabinets into multi-functioning storage and display areas. Drawers between the entry and the bedroom open to both areas and a blackened steel sheet wraps around the entry for displaying family pictures behind magnetic frames. The television folds out on an arm from behind a cabinet door, the built-in couches contain storage and a “beauty bar” in the bedroom contains makeup and grooming needs


Brooklyn, NY

Prospect Heights Sanctuary

The focus of this renovation was to create an open, warm and welcoming apartment from what was formerly a confining and lackluster interior. The kitchen and entry walls were removed and an expanded eat-in kitchen and custom cabinetry were integrated into a harmonious whole that takes advantage of the full exposure of the existing windows and fills the space with light and vitality.


Brooklyn, NY

Lacava Winebar

Located near the corner of 50th Street and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan this wine bar was envisioned as a warm and inviting space to come have a glass of wine, a bite to eat and socialize.


New York, NY