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Natural Stone Foundation

Dec 2022

Natural stone foundation for log cabin in Frazeysburg O hio


Frazeysburg, OH

Moongate Build

Sep 2022

Build a natural stone moongate set in mortar.


Newark, OH

Early 1800's Patio Rebuild

May 2022

Remove,clean and reset brick and stone on this house that was built in the early 1800's. I reused all the original brick and stone to complete the project


Newark, OH

Stone over block chimney

Jan 2022

Water was entering the home. The chimney was constructed of just plain old cinder blocks. So I repaired the block and stuck Fieldstone to it. Poured new crown,removed and replaced the first flue liner, sealed up flashing and added a rubber coating on top to give it a new look.


Glenford, OH

Brick Fron Entrance

Nov 2021

Complete grind out of brick. Replaced entire step of bullnose brick


Granville, OH

Stone over Brick Chimney

Jan 2021

Apply stone over top brick chimney.


Newark, OH

Dirkos Pizza

Oct 2020

Removed top 4 courses of brick because they were leaning out away from the building. So I changed the pattern and laid soldiers above all the windows


Newark, OH

Retaining Wall

Jul 2020

Clear brush ,cut up all loose tree trunks,limbs etc... that is sliding down the hillside. Dig a trench in preparation for a 40ft retaining wall. Wall built with 8x18 Clifton Straight Face Retaining Wall Block or as l like to call them "BIG N HEAVYS"


Newark, OH

Brick Porch

Jun 2020

complete grind out of brick porch


Granville, OH