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Noodle Theory Provisions

Mar 2016

Louis Kao, owner of the popular Rockridge-based Noodle Theory restaurant wanted some room to play, to push the boundaries of his culinary prowess for Asian fusion. His second location, Noodle Theory Provisions offers just that: a big beautiful kitchen with an open floor plan, in a new 3000 square foot restaurant. For this buildout Black Creek provided all the necessary carpentry, plumbing, electrical and mechanical work to develop the restaurant, including a new kitchen, bar and noodle-making room, upgraded restrooms, and new equipment. We installed client-fabricated appliances, including a duck roaster, custom steamer, and wok station, with an accommodating Ansel system under the hood. We also installed complicated Title-24 scene lighting, high-end, easy-to-clean, Eco-grip flooring, and integrated brick and wood finishes for a unique, modern-industrial look. Stop in for a taste and check out our work.


Oakland, CA

Mad Oak

May 2015

For this commercial project, Black Creek Builders performed an extensive restaurant, bar, and patio remodel, including demolition and in-kind replacement of existing rear structure with new mezzanine level, roof deck and stairs, installation of a new bar, remodel of existing bathrooms, and plumbing, electrical, and mechanical upgrades. With its sweet location between Madison and Oak Street, near Lake Merritt, Mad Oak Bar 'N' Yard is the hottest new night spot in Oakland!


Oakland, CA

Clove & Hoof

Nov 2014

Clove & Hoof is a 24-seat dine in/takeout restaurant and butchery devoted to using whole-animals which have been sustainably raised and humanely slaughtered, as part of a seasonal menu that fits right in with the local sensibility of this up-and-coming food hotspot, in the Broadway and 40th Street corridor, which also includes Hogs Apothecary, Homeroom, and Cafe Underwood. Clove & Hoof was recently featured along with Black Creek Builders in KQEDs local food blog, Bay Area Bites. For this all-inclusive restaurant buildout we started with an empty shell. Owners Analiesa Gosnell and John Blevins knew they wanted a nice big kitchen, a walk-in, and a retro feel, but they didnt have an exact vision in mind for the design of the space, so Black Creek stepped in to help guide the process and offer options both elegant and budget friendly. For example, we dug beneath the existing floor to discover a restorable-to-gorgeous wooden subfloor that adds style to the finished space. As with most restaurant buildouts, we constructed walls, built a new kitchen and bathrooms, laid plumbing, installed electrical and mechanical, fixtures, finishes and shiny new restaurant equipment.


Oakland, CA

Hog's Apothecary

Sep 2013

Located in Oaklands Jewel Box on the corner of 40th and Opal, the Hogs Apothecary is a new American-style beer hall and gastropub with a focus on high-end whole-animal butchery and boasting a vast and varied selection of beers on tap. For this commercial buildout we transformed a dilapidated old Laundromat and adjacent warehouse into a shiny, new restaurant and bar. Following massive demolition, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical overhaul, we installed a new kitchen and cookline, bathrooms, bar, office, walk-in, fixtures and finishes, notably, hanging bike rack parking for the hip, auto-free locals, drink racks for shuffle board players, and Theo, the seven-foot tall dancing hog, in whose honor owners John Streit and Bradford Earle named the establishment.


Oakland, CA

Rio Vista Ave

Jul 2013

From the Victorian wood-and-copper high-tank toilet, to the gold tiger and velvet dog print wallpaper, from the vintage stained glass windows and funky metal orb chandelier, to the bright green 50s-diner style booths in the breakfast nook, the aesthetic for this whole-house remodel and two-story addition combines vintage fixtures with bold colors, textures, and patterns, for a hip, modern take on retro. For this residential project, we doubled the size of the existing home by building a two-story addition from foundation to finish (making room for a new baby)! We also remodeled the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and three bathrooms, installed new plumbing, electrical, mechanical, windows, walls, finishes, and paint, and built a new two-story rear deck.


Oakland, CA

Shasta Rd

May 2013

For this residential project, we combined existing structural elements to liberate enclosed space, creating a feeling of openness, and providing visibility across the interior of the entire property from the existing living room, through the newly remodeled kitchen, to the glorious new second-story deck. At Black Creek Builders, we love babies and pets! For this job, we took extra care to limit the impact of construction on the homeowners newborn baby, two dogs, and two cats. For example, we sealed off the work area with plastic to minimize dust in the rest of the house, kept doors closed at all times, and swept up throughout the day to catch any loose nails or other potentially hazardous materials. For both the kitchen and the deck, we worked closely with the homeowners to supplement architectural plans down to the smallest detailfrom the shape and size of the new redwood deck, to the color and design of window casings and jambs, to the vent covers for under-cabinet heating vents, and precision alignment of custom cabinetry. The homeowners chose a recycled polymer and metal-shaving composite for their kitchen countertops. While tricky to work with, it was ultimately both gorgeous (as you can see from the photos) and environmentally friendly.


Berkeley, CA

Sweet Bar Bakery

Dec 2012

Owned by the famous Mani Niall, former personal chef to Michael Jackson, and located on the corner of Broadway and 24th Street, in Uptown Oakland, Sweet Bar Bakery entices with its spaciousness, ambiance, and dreamy curves, not to mention its delicious menu! "I was drawn in by the historic building [formerly MacFarlanes Candy and Ice Cream showroom] and warm glow of the windowed corner space," noted Niall in an interview with "Two walls of 15-foot windows; it's all about light. Forty-five feet wide at the front and fifteen feet wide at the back shaped like a giant slice of pie!" For this buildout, Black Creek built a bakers kitchen, along with a curved designer bar and floating ceiling. We also hung custom lighting, refinished floors, upgraded plumbing, solved the impossible problem of venting the new hood, and refurbished the existing bathrooms. They say the devil is in the details and in construction, that often means finishes. Niall describes the aesthetic as having: "the color palette of an ice cream sandwichwarm chocolate brown, white, and custardy butter yellowaccented by bursts of rhubarb red and huckleberry blue. Sweet Bar will not disappoint the senses. Stop by, check out our handiwork, and treat yourself to a vegan cupcake, or a bacon-gorgonzola scone!


Oakland, CA

Victory Burger

Nov 2012

With the super-star success of Actual Cafe, restaurant proprietor Sal Bednarz decided to double down with Black Creek Builders and the Golden Gate district of North Oakland: opening Victory Burger for the win! In record time, Black Creek transformed the empty shoebox (next door to Actual Cafe) into a homey neighborhood eatery, with a shiny new kitchen, bathroom, and dining room with creative finishes, including indoor and outdoor seating options, and infused with a charm that is at once rustic, recycled, repurposed, and completely modern.


Oakland, CA

Spruce Street

Sep 2012

This project, featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, is perhaps our most extensive remodel to date. We stripped the house down to its bones and rebuilt it completely, inside and out, from the ground up. We poured a new foundation and driveway, installed new windows, re-stuccoed and repainted the exterior, and deconstructed walls to open up the layout and leverage stunning bay views along the entire west side of the home. We also ran new plumbing and electrical, installed new insulation, sheetrock, appliances, hardwood maple floors, high-end finishes and more. We built a luxurious master bathroom with radiant heat, spacious custom shower with three showerheads, six-foot volcanic limestone bathtub, and matching double sink. The new kitchen is a focal point with restaurant-grade appliances and walk-in pantry for the avid home chef. The new breakfast bar expertly integrates the living room to accommodate social living. Just off the kitchen, we constructed a brand-new deck (complete with complex administrative use permits from the City of Berkeley, due to its height and hilltop location) which perches like a tree house, or a little boat in the sky, suspended over every sunset.


Berkeley, CA