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Oceanside Kitchen Remodel

Jun 2022

The old Kitchen was about 30 years old. Inside the cabinets were permanent stains, signs of water damage, mold, cob webs, paint deterioration, and much worse. There were two residents living here and in need of constant use of there kitchen because they work from home. In an effort to accommodate them, Austyn's Construction and Handyman Services demolished one side at a time so that the residents were able to use there kitchen in part until all of the construction was finished. Now, they have a great looking kitch to last them throught out the next four decades!


Oceanside, CA

Patio Addition Upper and Lower

Jul 2020

- Framing; Patio Covers (2) All framing -Electrical; Outlets Lights Ceiling fans Television -Concrete Stucco Side walk Footings Barbecue -Painting All painting


Oceanside, CA

Wooden Bridge at The River Church

Jun 2020

After two Connecting creeks were built we were asked to build a bridge crossing over were the two creeks connected. It is reinforced that a bobcat can drive over it easily.


Vista, CA

Pet Screening

Jul 2020

Great Customer! Only wanted me to pet screen some of his house because of his cats.

Fountain Valley, CA

Kitchentte Remodel

May 2023

This is a small kitchenette. one of the walls was pushed out into the garage to add space. These Cabinets were repainted with all new hardware added.


San Diego, CA

Rough framing

Mar 2022

Assessory Dwelling Units have been on the rise, onnce again. Our company partners with many licensed contractor to make sure the job is done safely, effeciently, and is cost effective. This is one such job. From the grading to the concrete and even the framing were all done percisely to all engineered plans. Even when hick-ups arised.


San Diego, CA

Partial Remodel: San Bernadino California

Nov 2021

This project started as a simple bathroom remodel but extended to some exterior. Our company first started out by demolishing the existing bathroom. We the closed off the existing pocket door to sperate the master bathroom into two bathrooms. Once the walls were framed we installed our doors into the, now new, half bathroom. We then drywall tapped and textured all the area. Lastly we installed all the door casings. While all this went on we repaired all rotted and termite and dry rot affected wood on the exterior. Also, repair holes in the exterior stucco for older AC unites as well as areas where new wood was placed due to the dry rot and termite damage. In total our company was able to complete this bathroom remodel as well as some exterior remodeling. Lastly we placed all our doors in the exterior.


Grand Terrace, CA

Ocean Hills Remodel

Jun 2021

This is the finish product of a 3 month bathroom remodel. The finish of this product was put out at least two months because of COVID-19 affecting shipments of the stove and dish washer. The cabinets are custom made cabinets made of bamboo.


Oceanside, CA

Painting Vanity

Jan 2021

This customer is undergoing construction of a room addition. This is the room addition vanity. We were hired to paint their vanity bathroom.


San Diego, CA