Ebel Inc.

Remodeling Contractor - Omaha, NE

Project Gallery

A table showing the projects done by the pro







Rustic kitchen

Jun 2015

Rough hardwood floor looks like new.


Omaha, NE

Bathroom floor

Apr 2015

Installation for a bathroom floor in a home in preparation to sell.


Omaha, NE

Basement stairs

Feb 2015

Replaced stairs and added a landing at the bottom


Colon, NE

Hardwood flooring

Feb 2015

Refinishing of hardwood floors.


Omaha, NE

Master Bedroom

Feb 2015

Natural Hickory floor with a Walnut border


Omaha, NE

Making the first floor wood

Jan 2015

Adding wood flooring to the existing hardwood floor, sanding, staining and finishing Ebony.


Omaha, NE

Handicap Bedroom

Jun 2014

Bedroom was tiled to ease the burden of rolling a wheelchair across the floor


Bellevue, NE

Adding a shower

Jun 2013

Remodeled a half bath to a 3/4 bath


Omaha, NE