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Anson County Jail Paint Project

Jul 2016

Clean all prisioner cell areas. Recoat with 2 coats of chosen paint, seal all bathing areas, toilets, mirrors to be free of paint. Double coat all bars, doors, and lockables in 1st and 2nd story areas. Clean all floors to be free of overspray and paint products


Wadesboro, NC

Walk in Tub install

Jun 2016

Installation of Bliss Tubs out of California. Install plumbing, fixtures and walk in tub for an easy access for senior citizens


Salisbury, NC

Country Club Dormers

May 2016

Replace rotten wood, cover dormers with Premium vinyl siding. Form aluminum and cover freize boards, overhang and rake boards


Salisbury, NC

1918 vintage kitchen remod

Mar 2016

Full kitchen demo. New cabinets, granite counter tops, appliances, floors, painting walls, adding walk In pantry, new island with cooktop and stoves, undercount sink installs, with complete electric change out.


Spencer, NC

1918 bath remodel

Mar 2016

Remove entire bathroom fixtures, flooring, repair existing wall to allow for new walk in shower, with all new fixtures, plumbing and cabinets


Spencer, NC

Winston Salem condo Remod

Feb 2016

New wooden floating floors over concrete substrate, new ceramic tile in baths, New counter tops, paint, molding, subway tile around kitchen cabinet walls, electric underside of wall cabinets.


Winston Salem, NC

Caved in Basement wall

Oct 2012

Basement floor flooding, due to wall caving in from ground and water pressure from leaking sump pump


Lexington, NC