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Tub/Shower renovation

Sep 2012

Remove old tub surround and add custom tile and fixtures,


Poway, CA

Shower Safety Grab Bar Installation

Aug 2014

The customer was concerned about slipping in the shower so we added two grab bars for security using adhesive to secure them to the tile rather than having to find the studs and damage the tiles by drilling holes. They are secure up to 250 pounds!

San Diego, CA

Entertainment Center Modification

Aug 2014

The clients had purchased a new flat screen LED TV and it didn't fit into their old entertainment center. We modified the center moving the center wall, relocating two shelves and replacing the left back of the cabinet staining all to match so the new TV would fit.

San Diego, CA

Gate Repair/Construction

Jul 2014

The clients old gate was warped and the boards were falling off so we made and installed a new cedar board gate.

San Diego, CA

Ceramic Tile Wall

Mar 2014

This ceramic tile wall was created to replace an old fiberglass enclosure. The full shower was done with a sliding shower bar, two built in tiled openings and 18", 12", 6" and 3" ceramic tiles to create the pattern chosen by the home owner.

San Diego, CA