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Singh Driveway

Mar 2016

Installed a new integrally pigmented concrete driveway with custom designs and stamp work.


Brentwood, TN

Athena Liquors

Feb 2016

We stained and sealed an existing concrete slab for a building remodel, bringing new life to an old concrete floor.


Nashville, TN

Bourdier Residence

Dec 2015

For this project we widened the driveway with stamped concrete to look like multicolored flat stones.


Spring Hill, TN

Jhala Residence

Oct 2015

We removed and replaced a large driveway in sections. The driveway was then stained and sealed, with some stamped concrete accents.


Brentwood, TN

The Hampton Residence

Mar 2015

We installed a new patio where there was none before. This project is on-going. The customer selected a stamped and stained finish. The small curves and shapes give the patio a lot of character without affecting the price.


Memphis, TN

The Krigbaum Residence

Nov 2014

We poured a new 4" concrete slab on top of an existing patio and staircase. The customer selected a stamped and stained finish. This patio, like all of our projects, used vapor barrier, foam expansion joints, and welded wire mesh and fiber reinforcement. The site was inaccessible by wheelbarrows, so we used a concrete pump.


Cordova, TN

The Little Residence Patio

Aug 2014

We installed an exposed-aggregate patio with a pea gravel finish. The patio was 5" thick, and had wire and fiber reinforcement. The patio was designed to encompass part of the above-ground pool, increasing both the access to the pool and the functional area of the patio. We capped over an existing patio without removing it. This greatly increased the strength of the new patio; while saving the customer a significant amount on demolition.


Cordova, TN

The Tusky Residence

Jul 2013

This was a stamped concrete patio. We used a slate texture skin with banded design features. This style of finish is bold, iconic, and surprisingly affordable. The colors are all custom blended, and this texture can be stained any color to match your home.


Cordova, TN