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Wood Flooring Repair and Refinish

Aug 2015

Customer contacted us to fix the poor work of a previous contractor that had left sander marks on the wood floor. We sanded the floor to remove the burn marks and refinished the floors to pristine condition.


Brooklyn, NY

Parquet Flooring Repair

Feb 2016

Repaired and reinstalled parquet flooring patch.

Staten Island, NY

Inlaid Floor Installation

Jan 2016

Installation of detailed inlaid flooring.

Staten Island, NY

Hardwood Flooring Repair

Aug 2015

Repaired damaged hardwood flooring by stripping bad planks to the subfloor and installing a new patch to match existing floor.

Staten Island, NY

New Kitchen Flooring

May 2015

Installed new flooring as part of larger kitchen remodel.

Staten Island, NY

Hardwood Parquet Flooring Installation

Apr 2015

Installed and finished a new hardwood parquet floor.

Staten Island, NY

Alcove Flooring Repair

Mar 2015

Installed new hardwood flooring in alcove.

Staten Island, NY

Bamboo Prefinished Flooring Installation

Dec 2014

Installed brand new bamboo prefinished wood flooring.

Staten Island, NY

Interior Painting


Staten Island, NY