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based on 4 online reviews
based on 4 ratings

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Desperate to sell

Sep 2015

A homeowner was desperate to see and after speaking with her Realtor they called me. When looking to sell your home it is so very important to offer a fresh and clean feel. Caulking gaps, filling nail holes and putting a neutral tone in will help your home tremendously.


Plymouth, MN

Custome Canvas Painting

Sep 2015

11 layers of design to create a custom logo for a new company.


Carrollton, TX

Oil Custom Canvas

Sep 2015

As a New company, a logo was designed. After we painted several offices in their new space we were given the opportunity to complete their oil canvas as well. There were 11 layers and much dry time required but the creativity of the logo coming alive was amazing!


McKinney, TX

Exterior Home looking to Modernize with less of "sore sight"

Jul 2015

This home requires a lot of filing of wood pecker holes, Caulking nearly every seam and much concrete work as the concrete was to be painted. We had originally painted this home in the colors chosen by the home owners, and 2 days we were back to paint it in the colors I have selected, the homeowner was in love and at that pointed decided to remain in the home versus selling. it.


Golden Valley, MN

Interior preparing to sell, took out custom bright colors to add a neutral tone

Jul 2015

A 4 bedroom 3 bath home had a sky blue throughout, after being on the market for 5 months with no offers we painted the interior to a light beige. in 2 weeks the home has 3 offers.


Apple Valley, MN

Exterior in St. Louis Park

Jun 2015

A light colored home looking to modernize. Choosing the dark colors and changing the colors of all of the metal accents worked wonders on this home.


St Louis Park, MN

Bright Delight Interior

May 2015

A new home for a new family who desired some color!


Chagrin Falls, OH

Lead based home turned to a Shabby Chic

Apr 2015

A lead based home that was in very rough shape was in need os sanding, peel bond, paint a small repairs... was completed it was a shabby home that will have much style


Minneapolis, MN