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3 reviews


3 reviews

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Chesterfield Shingle Roofing

Jun 2015

Completed Chesterfield Shingle Roofing Project


Chesterfield, MO

Winfield Cedar Wood Walls

Aug 2014

Installed cedar wood walls in Winfield


Winfield, MO

Windield Metal Building

Aug 2014

Completed metal building project in Winfield, MO


Winfield, MO

St Louis Flat Roofing

Mar 2014

Flat roofing job completed in St Louis, MO


Saint Louis, MO

Caledonia Gauge Roofing

Jul 2010

Gauge roofing project in Caledonia


Caledonia, MO

Fenton Shutter Installation

Jul 2015

Installed Shutters at residential property in Fenton

Fenton, MO

Fenton Siding & Seamless Gutters

Jun 2015

On this project I did the siding on a home in Fenton. I also installed seamless gutters, completed soffit and facia, and will be adding shutters.

Fenton, MO

Augusta Exterior Painting

Jun 2015

Painted full exterior of residential property in Augusta

Augusta, MO

Lake St. Louis Roof Replacement

May 2015

Replaced roof at property in Lake St. Louis

Lake St Louis, MO