Top questions to ask before hiring a handyman

Handymen are hired to do many various home improvement tasks. Some are general tradesmen, who have a variety of experiences. Others have licenses and training in electrical work or plumbing. The key is asking what their level of experience is for the type of work you need done. Before you call a handyman, know what you need done along with any important details. You'll want an in-home consultation so that you can walk through the project.

Handyman licensing varies from state to state however it's a good question to ask your handyman. You'll also want to verify the dollar amounts for their surety bond (a third party that can cover payments in case the handyman doesn't pay subcontractors or employees) as well as insurance (in case they damage your property or injure themselves).

After the handyman has had a chance to walk through the project, have him or her outline the scope of work. The details of the project, including labor, materials, supplies, rental equipment, or subcontractors, should be listed as separate line items. If you are on a tight budget or timeline, this is the time to discuss options or alternatives for your project. If the project is small, like hauling debris or performing minor repair work, the handyman should request payment when the job is complete. For larger projects that require ordering of materials or multiple subcontractors, it's more common to pay a deposit.

Obtaining proper permits for home improvement is the responsibility of the homeowner. But very often professional file the permits on behalf of the homeowner and should have a good understanding of the process. When the structure of the home is altered, or when changes are made to the electrical system or gas lines, you may need to file a permit. Discuss your particular project with your handyman and ask if a permit is required.

A good handyman should be happy to share references. Anywhere from three to five past clients should be able to give you a good idea about the handyman's work style, ability to get the job done, and the satisfaction when the job is complete. If a homeowner wasn't satisfied with the handyman, be sure you ask specifically why. Sometimes miscommunication can contribute to unsatisfied customers.

Everything You Need to Know About Norfolk Handyman Services

I’m searching for Handymen servicing my zip code in Norfolk.

Many handymen provide service to multiple zip codes in and around Norfolk. Browse through a sample of the Handymen in Norfolk below to find the right professional in your area for your project. Remember to contact each of these professionals individually to ask about their prices, recent successful handyman services jobs, how they bill, and what licenses or permits they have or will have to get for your job:

  • Bruno's unlimited:
    • Service Area Zip Code: 68462
  • U-LA-LAAA LLC (Carpet Cleaning & Home Preservation:
    • Service Area Zip Code: 51230 and 56158
  • Mr. Handyman of Papillion:
    • Service Area Zip Code: 68403

If you weren't able to find the right handyman company that services your Norfolk zip code, don't worry. Try contacting the company directly to ask them what surrounding areas they also service near Norfolk.

Can I browse unscreened Handymen in Norfolk?

We do our best to screen all of our handymen. However, there are still some handyman professionals in Norfolk that have not been pre-screened. This means that their licenses may not be up to date to operate in Norfolk or NE. Always be sure to pre-screen them yourself before hiring. Here are some unscreened professionals offering handyman services:

  • U-LA-LAAA LLC (Carpet Cleaning & Home Preservation:
    • Active/Verified License: No, current status is inactive
  • Willie Inc:
    • Services Offered: Handyman
    • Active/Verified License: No, current status is inactive
  • Hole in the Wall Remodeling / Handyman:
    • Active/Verified License: No, current status is inactive

Handyman Services isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. Are there more specific services similar to handyman available in Norfolk?

If you’ve determined that handyman services are not quite what you were looking for, or if you had a specific project in mind that is similar to handyman services, we can still help you find the right professional in Norfolk.

Norfolk has 50 handyman professionals that can help you with your handyman services job. Head to our Pros Page to find specific handymen-pros in Norfolk.

Latest projects near Norfolk

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Norfolk 68701
Drywall Repair
Start Date
Within 48 hours
Amount to repair
More than one area the size of a quarter or larger
Surfaces to repair
Any repair above 15ft
Norfolk 68701
Pavers Maintenance
Start Date
I'm flexible
Landscaping service needed
Wall, driveway, pathway or other hardscape
New construction or repair of existing
Repair existing hardscape
Hardscape repair item
Construction material
Brick, stone or other pavers
SQFT of damaged area
100-200 sq ft
Repair issues
Filler sand
Norfolk 68701
Gutter Cleaning
Start Date
I'm flexible
Property type
Single story home
Cleaning reason
Gutters are clogged with leaves or needles, Water overflows from gutter or drips from joints
Norfolk 68701
Water Heater Repair
Start Date
Within 48 hours
Plumbing work item
Water heater
Water heater service needed
Water heater type
Conventional tank
Water heater age
Less than 5 years
Water heater fuel source
Natural gas
Water heater issues
No hot water
Water heater location
Norfolk 68701
Window Replacement
Start Date
Within a year
Type of windows
Standard windows
New window to frame in or existing window replacement
Replace an existing window
Number of windows to replace
Already have the new windows
Reuse or replace existing window frames
Type of window frames
Style of window
Single or double hung
Replacement window location
First floor, accessible on foot
Norfolk 68701
Handyman Services
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Within a month
Norfolk 68701
Gutter Cleaning
Service needed
Gutter Cleaning
Start Date
Within a week
Norfolk 68701
Under Sink Water Purification System Installation
Start Date
I'm flexible
Plumbing work item
Water filters and softeners
Install or repair
Install item
Water filter or filtration system
Filter type
Under sink
Number to install
Three or more
Install location
Current water issues
I'm not sure
Type of water source
Public municipal water
Last time water tested
Norfolk 68701
Railing Installation
Start Date
Within 48 hours
Project type
Repair railing
Railing damage
Damage severity
Safety risk
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Materials provided