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Frequently asked questions about tv mounting services

How do I choose a TV wall mount?

That new smart TV will look great on your living room wall, but first, you must choose a TV wall mount. The good news is that almost all TVs and TV wall mounts are VESA compatible. Also, mounts generally include the hardware needed for the TV wall mount installation process.

When you shop for a new TV wall mount, they should be sorted according to what size TV they can support. It’s essential to know the size of your television screen and how much the TV weighs. The TV wall mount box will clearly state its maximum weight and screen size specifications.

Remember, one 65-inch screen may not weigh the same as the other. It’s important to know the screen size and weight of the television to mount your TV safely. If you can’t find the measurements on the box or you’ve already gotten rid of it, check the owner manual online.

It’s also important to consider where you want to hang your TV. If your living room wall uses traditional wood stud framing and drywall, installation should be simple with a standard TV mount. If you are mounting the TV above the mantle of a brick fireplace, you may need to look at specialized TV mounts.

Concrete, plaster, and brick walls may require a TV mounting service provider for safe, secure installation. Proper installation protects your television and helps avoid dangerous tipping accidents.

Finally, consider what type of TV wall mount will work best in the space you are installing the television. Are you looking for a fixed mount for your living room wall, or do you need a tilting mount to install the TV above a fireplace? A full-motion mount will make installing a television in a higher corner of the room easier. In any case, always pay attention to the size and weight the TV wall mounting will support.

Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

If you don’t like the idea of drilling holes in your wall or are uncomfortable around a DIY project, you may choose a TV stand over TV mounting. A TV stand gives you access to all the cables and wires of your home entertainment centers. If you rent your home, a TV stand will be easier to move. Choosing a TV stand with drawers or shelves also provides storage for remotes, game controllers, and more.

That said, TV stands risk a tipping hazard and are especially dangerous in homes with small children and pets. If you have a smaller floor plan, the TV stand will take up valuable floor space that you may want to use for other furniture pieces.

By mounting the TV on the wall, you achieve a clean, modern look without sacrificing space. You can even install the TV above a piece of furniture, giving you more flexibility on how you style the room rather than limiting your choices to TV stands. Adding a slim or floating console table will help with wire management and storage.

Although TV mounting may provide a better viewing experience than putting your TV on a traditional stand, installing a wall-mounted TV is a more permanent process that requires some drilling. If you choose to wall mount the TV, getting a pro to help you with the installation is a smart choice.

Can you mount a TV on drywall?

If you want to mount your new flat-screen TV on the drywall in your living room, you are in luck. Most TV wall mounts are compatible with drywall. Mounting a TV on the wall can create a sleek, modern look. A properly installed wall-mounted TV offers a theater-like experience in your own home.

The key is to get the TV mounted on the wall safely so it will not fall. When choosing a spot to install your TV, it’s important to locate the studs in your drywall. If your drywall does have wooden studs, you can screw the mount right into them.

If your drywall does not have studs, there are a few options. First, determine how much weight your drywall can hold. You’ve already checked how much your TV weighed when you selected the mount. The thinnest drywall can handle a force between 1.2 and 6.2 pounds per square foot without additional support. Once you know how thick your drywall is and how much weight it can handle, you can decide between using anchors, a mounting plate, a ceiling mount, or a no-stud mount to install the TV mount.

Wall anchors distribute the weight load to provide more support. Stay away from plastic anchors that are cheap and will break. Bolts and toggle anchors are good at handling heavier objects, making them a better option for larger TVs. Adding a mounting plate made of plywood or metal provides additional support. If your TV is very heavy, consider the unconventional ceiling mount — which uses joists and beams to support the TV.

If you have any questions about installing a TV mount on drywall, it may make sense to consult a contractor or professional TV mounting service. You’ll want to make sure the TV is correctly mounted on the wall to avoid costly headaches down the line.

How do I hide the wires from my wall mounted TV?

Wall-mounted TVs should be hung at the best viewing distance to reduce eye and neck strain. However, TVs come with all sorts of cables and wires. Add in a gaming system, video player, or internet modem, and all sorts of cords will interfere with the clean, modern look you want. During the TV wall mounting process, consider the aesthetics of cord management.

The best option is to run the TV cables and wires behind the wall when you install your wall mount. You may end up cutting a hole in the wall — so if you rent your home, you may want to consider other options. Attaching the wires to the wall and painting them the same color as the wall may be a better option for you. You can also seal the wires inside a plastic tube for a cleaner look.

Consider adding a console table or other furniture near the TV. If you are setting up a complete home entertainment center, many console tables, indoor fireplaces tables, or drawers include wire management holes to keep the cables under control.

If you don’t mind a few wires, consider finding clear hooks or clips to attach to your wall. That way, instead of having a bunch of wires spread out and running down the wall, you can collect all the wires into one neat line.

Where do you hang a TV in the living room?

If you want to hang a TV in your living room, it’s important to consider the overall configuration of the room. Pay attention to seating and the size of the room. Mount the TV, so it’s comfortable to look at from your couch or easy chair. Mounting the TV too high could result in neck and eye strain, making it an unpleasant viewing experience for you and your guests.

While a wider TV screen makes for a better viewing experience, you don’t want to get a TV that’s too big for your living room. Measure the viewing distance or space between the TV and where you’ll be sitting. To calculate how large a screen you should get, divide the viewing distance in inches by 2. If you have a smaller living room, it will be better for your eyes — and your wallet – to look at smaller screens.

Many people like to mount the TV above the fireplace or mantel, making the television the room's focal point. Using the TV as a focal point for your home entertainment center is an easy decision if you have a renovated basement or den.

Homeowners with open floor plans and larger rooms may want to divide and conquer. Place the TV on one side of your large, open living room and use a couch or sectional to break up the space. Then you can have a more traditional sitting room on the other side of the setup, giving the area clear purpose without ruining the effect of an open floor plan.

If your treasured gallery wall is already the focal point of your room, consider installing a frame around your wall-mounted TV. Many smart TVs are available now that can mimic your favorite piece of art until it’s time to unwind with your favorite television show.

Keep a balance of viewing comfort and design sense in mind when you decide where to hang your wall-mounted TV in your living room.

Can I mount a TV without drilling?

Generally speaking, if you want to mount a TV safely and effectively, you will probably need to drill some holes in the drywall or plasterboard. If you do not want to drill or do not have the DIY skills and patience that drilling requires, consider calling in a professional TV mounting service. They will quickly and safely install the TV mount without causing any issues that an inexperienced DIY homeowner might.

Of course, there are other options for setting up your TV. Invest in a freestanding television stand. It will take up more floor space, but if you rent your home or plan on moving soon, this may be an easier option.

Alternatively, you can add an entertainment center to your living room. If you choose a TV stand with shelves or drawers and a place to display your TV, it will double as additional storage.

While there are a few alternatives to drilling holes in the walls to mount your new flat-screen TV, stands and built-ins take up more room than TV wall mounting. If you’re worried about drilling too many holes, you may consider using adhesives and brick clamps. However, these options aren’t as secure as drilling and are ultimately not recommended.

If you are set on installing a TV wall mount but aren’t sure about doing the work yourself, hire a professional TV mounting service. They can mount the TV without drilling too many holes in the wall. By hiring a professional, you can enjoy watching your TV, knowing that it has been installed safely and securely.

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