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Topolosky Residence

Nov 2016

The Topolosky's needed some existing sidewalks replaced that were cracked and settling. They also wanted to widen their driveway for extra parking space. The existing driveway had a 4 inch curb that needed to be saw cut and removed. we excavated the existing yard and added a curb to hold back the grade, which is higher then the new driveway extension. The new driveway extension has a 6'' mono curb that has #4 continuous bar in the curb. A keyway was used for half the driveway with #4 dowels 18'' on center.. All perimeters had a continuous bar and wire mesh running through it.. During Excavation the old drainage pipes were hit due to the depth of excavation for new driveway. I used fern coats to attach schedule 40 4 inch pipes for the 2 down spouts and ran them on the outside of the driveway extension to the street. Very important all water drains properly to eleviate future settling. 100 feet of existing sidewalk was tore out and replaced. All perimeters had a #4 continuous bar and wire mesh was used throughout the concrete. structural concrete will last longer and not settle and crack.

Pittsburgh, PA

Wanatosky Residence

Oct 2016

She had a ramp removed and needed a new front porch. Due to the heights I had to do footings with a masonry wall built up to the correct elevation. Rebar was used in the footer coming up Through the block wall and into the patio for complete structure.. New solid concrete steps were also added.

Homer City, PA

Berg Residence

Oct 2016

Existing top landing and steps leading to the front patio was cracked, and settling. I tore out the concrete using a jack hammer and hauled off. The new steps was drill and doweled into existing wall and rebar was used continuously throughout the new concrete.

Canonsburg, PA

Glens Townhome development

Sep 2016

4 units needed new concrete sidewalks leading from the street to the residence. 3 more units needed new patios. 1 unit needed a new driveway panel.. All concrete was removed and hauled.. New concrete was a 4000 psi mix with 6% air.. All new concrete KML CONSTRUCTION LLC does, has a compacted stone base with thickened edges around the perimeter with #4 continuous bar running continuous and wire mesh is used as well.. Structural concrete will outlast any other concrete or hard surface..

Pittsburgh, PA

Terry Reisiger

Jul 2016

Terry was having drainage problems and getting water in the basement.. The structural walls under her front patio were buckling.. I came in and dug 6 piers in the crawl space under the patio.. poured a foot thick footer and used floor jacks with beams and cross beams to lift the wood porch deck up off the existing walls.. Tore out the walls and dug down to put footers with rebar structure.. I then layed a new block wall and grouted it solid with concrete.. I dug out along the side of the house to reveal the block wall.. Some of the blocks were falling apart and just old.. I plugged all holes and repointed as well. Then I anchored a galvanized mesh to the block walls.. I did a 2-part stucco method to give her walls a coverage with structure.. After the stucco cured I applied a waterproof to repel the water instead of allowing it to soak and penetrate.. I backfilled and added a French drain. Her down spouts weren't routed properly to get the water away from the house.. We re-routed the downspouts and ran out to the gravel base driveway.. We then poured the back patio and a 3 foot wide sidewalk.. The room under the porch we poured a slab sloping it to the center to a new concrete catch basin.. Also stucco the new block walls inside and out.

Bethel Park, PA

Hodge Residence

May 2016

Customer had an existing paver patio that had settled and was sloped towards the house.. They also had a retaining wall that needed to be extended out.. I tore out the patio and gave a new 4 inch broom finish patio and dug out the section of yard that they needed to extend their wall and give them more backyard space..

South Park, PA

John Krugh

Dec 2015

Customer had the Pittsburgh blue sandstones for steps and walkways.. I came in and rebuilt the walls and poured a decorative stamp parking spot, steps and landings, and patio..

Pittsburgh, PA

Prince Residence

Sep 2015

New decorative stamp patio with 2 decorative seating walls.. The original patio was covered with a carpet and it had an old Awning/ patio cover that was attached to the house and the edge of patio.. We removed it and demo the old existing concrete patio.. This patio, actually sloped back to the house, which was flush with finish floor.. A BIG NO NO.. Also, there was a retaining wall/ seating wall on the side holding the grade.. This wall was made of natural stone and was almost fallen over.. After demo of the patio and wall we brought a machine to level the back yard, and clear some bushes and a lot of the brushes down the back hill.. Giving them the wide open space they wanted for their back yard.. The seating walls, which was also acting as a retaining wall I designed myself to try and match the original look.. The footers I made 3 foot wide and 3 foot deep into natural grade.. It had 3 #4 continuous bars, with #5 transverse bars, and #5 J bar (verticles) one foot on center.. The concrete was 12 inches thick.. My designed footer was specified to retain the grade.. The wall had the #5 J bars with #4 continuous bars for total structure.. These walls are going nowhere.. I used the decorative drystack pattern liner, with 3/4 inch chamfer top, bottom and sides of the liner.. The wall had a 2 inch cantilever ( over hang ) and I used a 2 inch decorative hammered edge liner with a top and bottom 3/4 inch chamfer.. It also had 1 #3 bar running continuous around the perimeter of the cantilever. The colors were thyme with sunbaked clay and coconut antique agents.. After walls were set and poured and the forms stripped we added a French drain for drainage attached to new down spout drainage.. I always use schedule 40 pvc and no less then 3 inch. This case each down spout had its own drainage so 3 inch is plenty, otherwise, If the downspouts are all connected to one drainage system I recommend using 4 inch.. After drainage was put in, We backfilled with 2b stone for the proper Drainage.. The patio was 4 inch thick and was on top of a compacted stone base.. All along the perimeter was 6 inch deep with a #4 continuous rebar.. The patio was poured in 2 sections using a keyway to interlock the 2 separate pads.. #4 rebar dowels were used 2 foot on center with #4 rebar on top continuous with the perimeter rebar.. Wire mesh was layed ontop of the stone and lifted as we poured.. The patio was a roman slate stamp with the base color of slate ( matching the roof tiles) and a black antique was applied for the accents.. Caulking was placed along the house and along side of the walls and the controlled joint with the keyway.. After sealing the colors really stood out.. My customers did a very good job choosing their colors.. The walls matched the house beautifully and the slate patio really defined everything around it..

Pittsburgh, PA

Anna Mae

Aug 2015

Tear out the old patio and sidewalks and steps and replaced with new concrete.. All the existing concrete was cracked and settling pretty bad.. Also we put up new vinyl railing around the porch and the stairs coming up off the street

East Mc Keesport, PA