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Edison AC Replacement

Jul 2018

We replaced an existing furnace, ac coil, condenser, linesets and controls for our client in Edison


Edison, NJ

Attic fan installation

Jun 2018

Installed a new attic fan with a direct electric line from panel


Staten Island, NY

Backyard lighting installation

Jun 2018

Installed new outdoor lighting


Vienna, NJ

Home Renovation

Jun 2018

We removed existing flooring, tiles, partiton walls, columns and added support beams to open up the space. Also installed new sub flooring, hardwood flooring, kitchen tiles, repaired walls, painted space and adjusted ac and electric as needed


Scotch Plains, NJ

Drywall installation

May 2018

Installed new drywall, taped all joints, plaster, sand and made space ready for paint


Newark, NJ

Weight watchers renovation

Mar 2018

We renovated a vacant space for a new weight watchers retail store. The earth had sunk about 6 inches in the front of the store we had to raise the cement pad, remove and installed new floors, drywall, ceiling, air conditioning, electric, lighting, and AC system. Really exciting project for our client in philly


Philadelphia, PA

Furnace and AC Replacement

Mar 2018

Replaced and existing furnace and air conditions unit. Also replaced a few flex duct runs as needed


Fort Lee, NJ

New Wearhouse Opening

Feb 2018

We cut a new cinderblock opening in a wearhouse as requested. We added a support beam and 2 columns to re-enforce our opening. This was a real fun and different for us


Metuchen, NJ

Water heater replacement

Dec 2017

Water heater replacement. And piping replacement


Plainfield, NJ