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Play Set Assembly

Jul 2016

This was one of my favorite jobs so far. The objective was to complete a play set with a curly slide... with no instructions. Fortunately we have been doing 4 or 5 play sets per month and had gotten good at these particular sets. We accepted the challenge, and the end result was absolutely beautiful... and solid. The home owner ended up tipping us $50 for overcoming such a seemingly impossible feat. Also, during the assembly the home owners daughter was coming outside to see the progress and was really involved in the sense of being a real delight to see interested. We try to embrace customer involvement... this job will go down in our books as very special indeed.


Carmel, IN

Fallen Tree Removal

Jul 2016

This job was another one of my favorites. I received a morning phone call from a potential customer that a storm the night before had caused a tree to fall in her backyard, knocking down power lines and pulling her meter out of its base. The objective was to remove the fallen tree and debris, making way for electricians to make necessary repairs to restore her power. She was such a positive, delightful person, and the job went so smoothly I will likely never forget it. A+++


Anderson, IN