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Barrel of Monkeys

Dec 2017

Barrel of Monkeys was a first for us. A commercial job in the welding and fencing department. In the end it came out to be over 300 feet of metal fencing. This fence was unique cause it was completely custom built by our welder. Every inch of it was welded together by Co owner Trey Sheets. We made all our panel sections in our shop. There were also a sliding gate that opened and closed attaching to a 5 foot swinging gate leaving a 20 foot wide entrance needed for fire department. There was a also a emergency exit from play area with a Panic bar 4 foot gate. Then a double swinging gate each 4foot leaving a 8 foot exit. In addition to the fence we built a dumpster enclosure using metal R-Panels as walls. This job was challenging but we meet the expectations set by the owners and completed the job on good terms


Willow Park, TX

Marilee Custom carport

Dec 2017

This carport was unique in the way we laid it out. Cause of the sauffet being so low we couldn’t go from above the garage sloping down away from it cause we couldn’t get the height we needed. So I came up with this design to have it slant in the same direction as the house but still be able to keep the carport to match the driveway. It’s a custom design. We also added the wood in the back of the carport to 1 match the other exterior building design and 2 help protect from elements such as rain, wind and sunshine. The project came out as envisioned and the customer loved it.


Willow Park, TX

Puppy Bars

Oct 2017

Residential replacement of fence. We tore our old chain link fence and added a custom built iron fence. The homeowner had two small dogs and wanted a unique look. This is what was delivered.


Granbury, TX