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Mattoon Rental

Jan 2016

This home in Mattoon Illinois was in need of a small renovation. Our team picked up where another contractor had left off (which is not easy work). First major job was reframing the front and back door, balancing trim and adding color. All trim reworked, primed and painted. Trim work redone and fresh coat of paint in every room. Electrical outlets changed from 2 to 3 prong. Bathroom completely primed and repainted. Bathroom GFCI switched out with new. Took kitchen cabinets from brown to lighter color. Switched out hardware on all cabinets (hinges, catches and knobs). Under sink cabinet gutted and completely rebuilt.


Mattoon, IL

Interior Painting


Edwards, IL


Dec 2015

This project involved new linoleum flooring and carpet.The whole interior was renewed and refreshed.

Bloomington, IL

Rental Property

Nov 2015

This two bedroom 800 sq ft. home took us a day and a half to complete. Including all 7 doors as well as the trim. We focus on every detail to make sure the job is done right. This project involved filling a ton of nail holes, cracks and sanding the walls to make for a smooth finish. The end result was a beautiful home ready for occupancy.

Colfax, IL



Mattoon, IL

Interior Painting-whole house

Feb 2017

Whole house interior painting. Trim removal. Door trim fixed. Materials included.


Downs, IL

Shower Door Install

Sep 2016

We install this shower door in a house in Tolono IL. We had to do a little cutting off of the base rail. To make it fit and drilled holes in the tile. Put it all together and sealed it with silicone caulk.It turned out great and the client loved it.


Tolono, IL