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3 reviews


3 reviews

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Sep 2015

After a big rain we had a pool of water come up beside the porch and after a few days it didn't dry up. I knew there must be a leak somewhere so i started digging. I used Pex and a couple shark bites to fix the broken copper pipe


Cartersville, GA

Hamil Project

Aug 2015

Replace existing toilet


Alliance, OH


Aug 2015

We are still in construction of finishing a basement that was started by the homeowner but we were brought in during plumbing of the new bathroom. Robert did such a good job he was asked to do more. So far he has done the hot water heater, bathroom plumbing and vents, sheet rock, laminate flooring in the den area. He will be painting the walls and installing the flooring and vanity, then a drop ceiling.


Cartersville, GA


Jun 2011

Replaced floor tile, reset toilet, new vanity, tile backsplash


Cartersville, GA

Barros Basketball game

Oct 2015

put together a new ESPN Basketball game and fixed the legs on an air hockey game for their game room.


Kennesaw, GA

Chester Kennel

Sep 2015

Install interior doors, locksets, chair rail, baseboards. We also noticed that the primary construction company installed crooked 6" door frames in an 8" door so we have been hired to finish the door frames and also quote on the tile to be done at a later date.


Jasper, GA

Chester kennel

Sep 2015

We installed inside doors, locksets, chair rail where the dry wall and a concrete wainscot meet, baseboards. We also noticed that 6" Exterior doors were used where 8" should have been used and we were kept on to finish that and we were asked to provide a quote to do the floor tile.


Jasper, GA