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Red Barn House

Sep 2013

In the 1940s a Japanese immigrant, by way of the Hawaiian Islands, arrived in the Southern California town of San Clemente. A florist by trade, he built a humble home in the style of the traditional Hawaiian barn. Salvaged redwood lumber from a demolished 19th century hotel was utilized throughout. San Clemente's first florist raised his family and operated his business from within the walls of the iconic "Red Barn House" for decades until his passing. The current owner was drawn to the home's humble scale, simple details and eccentric character. Minimal alterations were made to the home's street-front presence. Dramatic interior space was honed with minimalist detailing and material honesty. Sitting amongst a sea of Mediterranean style stucco homes, this standout was destined to maintain its unique personality. Details & materials were inspired by elements intrinsic to this hometown florist's life: the common galvanized bucket, a pair of rusted pruning shears, tin roofing and worn wood. This embodiment is evident in the home's stair. Suspended galvanized steel planes seemingly float within the main floor?s interior volume. Original interior boards wearing their teal, pink and white painted coats make up the body of the studio?s oversized door. Rusted steel planes clad select portions of the home?s rear addition. The small addition opens toward the lush canyon-side backyard. A vintage Airstream Globetrotter, visible from the rear porches, served as the owner?s lodging during construction. This polished beauty is now both guest quarters and sculptural mirror reflecting the yard?s stunning Birds of Paradise garden.


San Clemente, CA

Home on Maryland

Nov 2012

Master bedroom and suite added to home's main level with an improved bathroom. Designed spacious outdoor living area and expanded the mud room.


Charlotte, NC


Mar 2007

Complete home renovation


Charlotte, NC

Dilworth's First Green Home

Jan 2007

A ground breaking project in Charlotte - this house is immediately recognizable as a unique interpretation of what a "home" should be... Although this house is clearly a standout in a rapidly changing neighborhood, the unconventional dwelling still refers to the modest proportions and underlying design strategies of its more familiar neighbors. This project also sets a high profile precedent in Charlotte for sustainable single-family home design - leading the way for environmentally responsible housing construction in our booming citys population.


Charlotte, NC

1-2-3 House

Oct 2008

This mountain escape, nestled into the shaded woods of western North Carolina, has been fittingly nicknamed the "1-2-3 House". The name describes it's linear nature: the original A-Frame cottage, a 1980s addition, and this, the final installment - are a record of the owners' lives together, and are arranged in chronological order along a datum of circulation. The design is a study in native materials and abstract forms. The addition is composed of two bedrooms, a bathroom, and an art gallery with a meditation space.

Jonas Ridge, NC

Window Installation San Clemente 2010

Jul 2010

Permit Number: B10-0968 Permit Type: BLDG SFD Permit Description: ADD/ALTER SUPL B09-0873 - ADD WINDOWS


San Clemente, CA

Kingston Residence

Jun 2005

This renovation and addition to the Kingston residence in Dilworth required a design that would meet the Historic Review Boards guidelines for the traditional southern bungalow found common in this particular neighborhood. The result is a house that seamlessly blends in with the surrounding homes, even though its square footage was increased by over a third.


Charlotte, NC

Paving Services San Clemente 2009

Nov 2011

Permit Number: E09-0379 Permit Type: ENCROACHMENT Permit Description: Install new sidewalk along entire frontage

San Clemente, CA

San Clemente 2009

May 2011

Permit Number: B09-0873 Permit Type: BLDG SFD Permit Description: ADD/ALTER ADD/REMODEL

San Clemente, CA