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Deck installation

Mar 2016

Deck and bench istallation on rear of house. This deck was done with hand picked material to ensure straight boards and fewest knots. It took 4 days to build not including two rainy days. I was called after several other Contractors were called and either made excuses as to how hard it would be to build or they asked $10000 or more to do the work. Two men did this in 4 days and the customer is very happy.


Concord, NC

Kitchen Remodel 4-15

Apr 2015

Kitchen redesign and remodel. We were contracted to do the cabinet refacing and installation of new cabinets. Cabinets are custom and match existing. The original design was refrigerator on left pantry on right. This was changed to delete pantry and put the fridge in its place. Cabinets were them made at a local shop and finished and installed by us. Wood flooring, wall board, painting, and electrical we done by various contractors.


Harrisburg, NC

chimney siding repair

Feb 2015

Original siding was rotted and falling off in places. The old was removed and structural damage repaired. Chimney cap was inspected and reinstalled. Siding was caulked and painted, gutter reinstalled.


Charlotte, NC

termite damage repair

Jan 2015

Homeowner was selling house and inspection revealed termite damage. 2 1\2 weeks of demolition, termite treatment, replace with new wood and insalation, paint.


Charlotte, NC

Small bookcase build and install

Oct 2014

Customer has small stairway with landing. Space under landing was open and disorganized. She asked for bookcase to be built and installed.


Charlotte, NC

laminate flooring installation

Sep 2014

This is Armstrong locking laminate flooring. 600+ square feet throughout dining, and living rooms, hall and entry. It took 4 days and looks beautiful. Demo and in floor receptacles were done by the homeowner


Concord, NC