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1 review

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Landscaped backyard

Jan 2019

Had blank canvas of backyard added raised fence custom built.and everything else followed behind it.


El Paso, TX

Tear off and re roofed

Nov 2018

Tear off and put back Oakridge amber shingles


El Paso, TX

Tear off re roofed flat was leaking

Oct 2018

To re roof a very damaged main valley which led into against a wall where wall was held by painted shingle, on a flat.so put membrane down for bottom seal and a peel and stick ontop for top roof seal. And the rest of the 14 squares tore off old and applied new shasta wht. Oakridge shingles. The crazy thing is that. It rained on us on a open roof that day the good part is that the flat was done and the 14 sqrs .were tyvek phelped and bottom seal. And rained all day and half the night and all we got was a. Little stain in the hallway. I didnt get sleep that night to find out that our bottom seal was at its best. What U Want is there for u as it says,quality,cleanliness,respecting the customers thoughts and opinions to the build.Our question is to you,?What U Want construction and more....575 297 7408 Thanks Owner:Anthony Pedregon


El Paso, TX

Gaunduella extension

Sep 2018

Extension of patio gaundulla. Was a bit challenging but great outcome. Customer very much liked. No problems


El Paso, TX