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Restoring a Peaceful Place

Aug 2014

Lovely gardens gone wild, needed a little elbow grease to get them back into shape. It's amazing what throwing around some rotted wood (aka mulch) can do for a landscape.


Hazelwood, MO

Gathering place for friends

Jul 2014

A cross between living in the city and living in the country inspired this landscape. Additions of butterfly and bird attracting plants, at least 3 seasons of interest and low maintenance were the focus of this project.


O Fallon, MO

A place by the river

Sep 2012

A former master gardener needed more time caring for her spouse. Weeds don't take breaks and soon took over the perennial beds. Weeding, dividing and mulching restored the area to a Master Garden

Florissant, MO

Utah needs curb appeal

Jun 2015

Little house in the city needs some sprucing before going on the market. Keep it simple, lovely and about $1000. We were able to keep the price low by dividing on-site perennials, on-site stones and on-site transplanting of boxwoods that had become overgrown.


Saint Louis, MO

Retaining wall reset with a touch of flower power

May 2013

The existing retaining wall was no longer level and invasive grasses had crowded out existing perennials. By resetting the wall and using on-site stones, adding a few new plants and mulch, a beautiful garden was restored.


Florissant, MO

In need of a little TLC

Jun 2012

Clean out some old plants, add a few new plants and reset the brick edging around all of the gardens brought the gardens back to nice. Adding a few focal points like the Blue spruce on standard, roses and azaleas for year round interest and the gardens came to life.


Florissant, MO

From bare to Beautiful

Apr 2012

After an addition to the home, a little gardening was needed to turn the bare space into a beautiful garden. A few pavers to define the garden edge and a small retaining wall for pop.


Godfrey, IL

Prize Winning Landscape Ward 1

Oct 2006

The homeowner had cleared out the original landscape and had curbing poured. Our job was to add the rest. This landscape has evolved over the years and continues to win awards


Florissant, MO