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Gas water heater repair

Jun 2013

Customer had 3 repeated repairs by another service company who apparently never address the cause of the failures. Originally installed used pipe thread sealing compound improperly and too excess. We dissasemble pipes and removed pipe selant and replaced with approved gasline teflon tape. Thus, we eliminate the problem of excess pipe sealant breaking loose within piping and traveling to clog up the main gas valve for the heater.


Macungie, PA

Leaking water heater repair

May 2013

Water heater was leaking intermittently from the safety temperature and pressure relief valve on an existing installation by a local plumber. The addition of a properly sized expansion tank allowed the water being heated to expand into the new tank rather than raise the hot water pressure so high that the safety valve would start to drip. The addition of insulation to the hot water line exiting the tank decreased the heat loss to the air improving efficiency.


Center Valley, PA

Natural gas water heater replacement

Nov 2012

Removed old gas water heater to replace with a newer model. Upgraded the gas and water lines to flexible approved materials. Additionally, added the required properly sized expansion tank, finishing the job with a drain pan underneath to direct any leaks to a floor drain..


Fountain Hill, PA

Natural gas water heater relocation

Sep 2012

Removed old water heater and moved the new water heater out from the corner and closer to the central heating furnace. The addition of a pan underneath and the direct piping to a floor drain will allow the ower to refinish the basement without worrying about any leaks. A properly sized expansion tank was added and all lines converted to approved fleixble connections.


Fountain Hill, PA