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2 reviews


2 reviews

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Samsung Washing Machine

Mar 2015

The washing machine was not spinning for some reason. The customer was really upset since the washer just passed the warranty period. When I received the call he was thinking that it would cost him about the same as a new washer. I have fixed it with a price that he did not expect and he was very happy.

Clovis, CA

LG Dryer

Mar 2015

This Dryer was drying for more than two hours whereas it should only dry 45 minutes. The customer called a company and was told that she needed to replace the Gas Valve, which was going to be expensive. However, I only reset the high limit thermostat only it worked perfectly. Some do not even know that the Thermostat is resettable.

Kerman, CA

Kitchen Aid Fridge

Jan 2015

The customer called and said that his Fridge's sealed system had a problem. From different companies technicians had changed the compressor 3 times and still the fridge was not working. I have fixed replacing several other parts of the Fridge which were the real result of the problem. I have approached to the problem as a complex issue. The customer was happy seeing the Fridge working perfectly. The value of the Fridge was $8,000 since it was a Built in Fridge.

Fresno, CA