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Lane-Shower Replacement-Los Banos, CA

Jan 2023

Tore out old fiberglass insert and installed a new laminate wall shower with acrylic shower base. Jacked-hammered the foundation to relocate the shower train to the left side and filled the shower base with mortar to create a solid foundation. Relaced old valves and pex plumbing and installed solid backer board behind the shower walls to create solid and waterproof walls. Framed-in wood blocked to act as support for the grab bar and shelves.


Los Banos, CA

Windows & Patio Doors-Giles-Fresno, CA

Aug 2022

We cut a square hole in the exterior wall 94"x80" up to the existing header, moved the old electrical wiring and created 2 new electrical outlets, we built a new patio door frame and installed moisture seal barrier, we patched and textured the drywall from the electrical move to leave it ready for painting, installed a patio door and interior moulding and replaced the old bathroom window with a new window with rain style glass. Both window and door came with custom brass locks and handles and the glass was Energy Efficient LOE3 with noise blocking technology.


Fresno, CA

Peterson-Bathroom Remodel-Fresno, CA

Aug 2022

We tore out the low hanging soffit hanging from the ceiling to make the shower flush with the bathroom ceiling and to install a recessed can light over the shower, we tore out the old tub, tile flooring, and baseboards. We roughed-in a new shower drain, replaced the plumbing in the shower wall, poured mortar beneath the shower base to make the foundation even, we installed simulated-stone shower walls, ceiling panels, recessed can light, and framed in for the grab bars, bench, and shelves. We replaced the floor with new slip-resistant LVP flooring and baseboards.


Fresno, CA

Shower Replacement-Green-Clovis, CA

Jul 2022

Tore out old tile walls, replaced wood damaged subfloor, replaced valves and drain, installed new Calcutta Marble simulated-stone walls up to the ceiling with window trim kit, installed new tub and shelves, framed-in wood blocking for grab bars and shelves


Clovis, CA

Edmond/Curry-Tub & Shower combo-Tulare, CA

May 2022

Tore out the old tile tub and shower, installed a new diverter valve to create 2 new showerheads on the same wall, reframed the tub surround with wood frame, framed-in for a future door, installed a custom-sized solid stone shower base over 6' long with a 3.5" step, installed simulated-quartz shower walls and tub surround, and installed new fixtures and 2 matching color tower caddies in the corners for storage.


Tulare, CA

Bathroom Remodel-Carillo-Sanger, CA

Jun 2021

Replaced old tile wall with Othello simulated-tile walls in Fairfield pattern, framed-in blocking for bench seat, grab bars and shower door, converted tub drain and plumbing wall to new 2 1/2 drain and new valves, and replaced old tile flooring with new LVP slip-resistant water-proof flooring.


Sanger, CA

Shower Replacement-Stetz-Lemoore, CA

May 2020

Replaced an old cracked Fiberglass insert unit with a basic laminate system. Plumbing, mortar, and wood framing in between the walls was performed to provide additional support for wall accessories.


Lemoore, CA

Window jobs random Assortment

Jan 2021

This is a random assortment of our project photo's we've collected through out the years

Fresno, CA

New Replacement Windows-Enriquez-Fresno, CA

Mar 2022

Replaced the old windows with new energy efficient LOE3 windows with noise blocking technology, double-strength glass, and Queen Anne perimeter style grid pattern


Fresno, CA