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Sitka fence

Nov 2016



Fort Collins, CO

Greeley 7th

Jul 2017

1950s original bathroom update. Quoted for- *Cast iron tub removal and replacement *Tub to ceiling layered sheetrock removal *Fiber board installation *Tub to ceiling tile installation. *Water damaged wood window removal *Vinyl window installation *Tub/shower fixture upgrade *Vanity light fixture upgrade *Natural Stone floor repair Unbilled "quality first" additions *Exterior siding repair ( 30sqft) * Repair major water damaged exterior structure *Completely replace compromised subfloor


Greeley, CO

Greeley Kitchen Face lift

Oct 2016

updated cabinet doors, hardware and installed crown molding, and bead board. Total kitchen project includes counters, sink, fixtures and design-build pantry addition.


Greeley, CO

Ft Collins longs peak

Oct 2016

200 ft

Fort Collins, CO

Rental renovation

Sep 2016

A very satisfying project for the NoCo team. This project much like a number of our partnerships, originated in a single room of a potential packed rental. As we gained a better understanding of the family's goals for their soon to be rental, it was apartent we were needed in just about every room to some extent. Each day started with a fresh opportunity and it made for very productive and satisfying days. Here's the play by play! First to top the list was the homes lower level facilitie. The laminate floor cracked due to excessive moisture and a very (non excessive) caulking barrior. The sum of the shower consisted of 3 inexpensive sheets of dated laminate barrier. Easy decision to replace with a timeless large format tile. A brickset pattern modernized the look but the real upgrade was the work under it all. Minor water agrivations and the occasional correction of failed previous repair attempts we still didn't feel it was NoCO ready so in addition to repairing we upgraded to Anti microbial, anti mildew, and lightweight backer board, dual coats of specialized hydra flexable, waterproofing including crack isolation and anti microbial protection, high performance polymer base mortar that is once again mold and mildew resistant all while bringing the highest rated bond strength in the industry. We topped it off with an oil and water based grout stain blocker/ sealer. When NoCO's Quality Craftsmen, versitle trade experience and thorough product knowledge, we proudly extend, free of charge a LIFETIME warranty covering mold, mildew, moisture, cracking and tile bond.

Ft Collins, CO