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2 reviews

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Urbandale, Iowa Homeowners install EcoSmart Replacement Windows.

Jan 2018

This is the 2nd time these homeowners have used Midwest Construction for their home improvement projects. These homeowners have also referred us to their family members for like projects. In 2012, Paul Despenas of Midwest Construction met with these Urbandale, Iowa homeowners to discuss the possibility of new siding and windows for the home that was built in the late 1970’s. These homeowners had done their research and actually gotten some other bids before I arrived. They took the time to let each company representative explain the materials being used, the benefits and warranty information, including the installation procedures. Once I met the homeowners and found out what they wanted to achieve, they gave me the same amount of time to explain our material and the differences, our installation, water and air management techniques. I explained our warranties and then discus pricing. Well, we’re not the cheapest and not the most expensive but these homeowners felt the price was a great value. They were getting more in the extras, in product lines, warranty coverage, and installation procedures. 6 weeks later, the window and siding crew’s showed up and installed the products specified on the contracts, installed exactly like it was described. Check out American Classic Insulated Vinyl siding at http://www.americanclassicinsulatedsiding.com/ Five years later, the homeowners needed to install 1 more window as an older window had worn out since we were there. Midwest Construction removed the old double casement window, removed the exterior PVC aluminum capping as it was damaged by the lawn mower. Midwest Construction installed an EcoSmart custom built casement window into the existing opening, insulated around the new window and existing window jambs, capped the windows with maintenance free custom bent aluminum PVC coil stock and they will never have to maintain that window again. Check out the before and after photos and the reviews they sent in after the completion of the job. Check out all of the features of the EcoSmart replacement windows by Great Lakes Windows at http://greatlakeswindow.com/window-product-lines/ecosmart/ Urbandale, Iowa Exterior Remodeling Company If you’re in the Urbandale, Iowa or Des Moines, Iowa area Metro and are seeking quality exterior remodeling services, don’t hesitate to contact the pros at Midwest Construction. We’ve been helping people in need of new: Windows Doors Siding Gutters and Gutter Protection Sun Rooms, Patio or Porch Enclosures and Screened Rooms

Urbandale, IA

Brick Ranch updates windows

Nov 2017

Windsor Heights, Iowa is known for its brick ranch style homes built in the late 1950’s through the early 1970’s. The windows installed back then were less than energy efficient with single pane sashes and storm windows with aluminum frames. Fast forward to today’s window and glass technology. This homeowner could reduce energy cost up to 12 to 17% and be more comfortable in all of Iowa’s climates and changes. Not to mention the very first things most homeowners notice is the windows make an immediate difference in noise reduction. When you think about it, if the noise from the outside has been reduced then the summer heat and the winter cold should be reduced as well. Correct, with the new low emission glass coatings and argon or krypton gas options homeowners can upgrade the glass packs in their home from a present R-2 to R4.2, R-5, R-7.6 and the pride of our fleet R-10 glass packs. When it comes to the window frames they can achieve as much as an R-24 with the proper insulated master frames. Midwest Construction, Des Moines, Iowa came up with the right window solution to save energy and maintenance.

Windsor Heights, IA

Insulated Vinyl Siding Installed Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Oct 2017

Double – 4, Granite Gray American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding with White Soffit and Fascia Systems insure these homeowners will never have to paint again! American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding carries a Lifetime Non-Fade Warranty with its Color-Hold Technology American Classic Insulated Siding is one of the first vinyl sidings in the country to be laminated with Progressive Foam Technologies Fullback Insulation. Fullback is designed to: Save Energy and Create a More Comfortable Home Insulated Vinyl Siding products have R-values up to 3.5, helping to save energy, reduce utility bills, and create a more comfortable home all year long! Adding insulation to the exterior of a home also helps dampen sounds from outside for a more enjoyable interior. Protect Against Impact Damage and Pests The contoured insulation component completely fills the gap behind the siding, serving as a shock absorber to protect vinyl siding against cracking, denting, and breakage. Filling the gap eliminates space where pests can nest behind the siding. The insulation is also treated with a safe insecticide to protect it from termites. Take Control of Moisture, Prevent Mold & Mildew An average household produces 4-6 gallons of water vapor daily through activities like cooking & cleaning. Insulated vinyl siding's foam core features a perm rating of up to 5.0, allowing moisture to escape the home. This reduces the chance of mold and mildew growth, creating a healthier home and longer lasting siding job. For more information on Progressive Foam Technologies visit their website at www.progressivefoam.com/product/insulated-vinyl-siding-2/

Pleasant Hill, IA

Fiber Cement Siding removed and Everlast Composite Siding Installed

Oct 2017

This homeowner was fed up with the constant maintenance of his fiber cement siding and had it removed to install Everlast Advanced Composite Siding. The home was built in 1994 with fiber cement as the exterior cladding. After a few years in the home, the homeowner noticed the joints on the siding expanded and contracted letting wind and water behind. They did what the manufacturer suggest to do every 2-3 years, caulk the areas around the corner post and trim boards to prevent water or wind penetration. The paint was losing the color and sheen. The siding started to deteriorate on the bottom courses of siding where the snow would build up and in the gabled ends of the siding that came onto roof lines. All of the fiber cement siding was removed and Midwest Construction Siding Applicators followed all of the VSI techniques using the most advanced products for water and air management. Everlast Advanced Composite Siding uses the latest in clip technology to keep the seams tight, unlike fiber cement products that expand and contract. The job was done in a timely professional manner by our well-trained and fully insured siding installation crews. The job site was cleaned up daily and all tools secured.

Des Moines, IA

Four Season Solarium removed and an Oasis All Season Room Installed by Midwest Construction

Sep 2017

Midwest Construction received a referral from a previous customer stating their friend was interested in a sunroom that could be used all year round. The previous customer that referred our company was looked up in the company data base and we found Nick Westphal worked with them. After meeting with the homeowner, Nick was informed that: It was a Four Seasons (Manufacturer) solarium the previous homeowners had installed. It was fascia mounted at the end of a 3 foot overhand where it leaked horribly. It was south facing, and always 110 degrees or 10 degrees in the room, never anywhere between. Nick discussed the current homeowner wants and needs in a sunroom and went to work on the design and cost. A couple of weeks later Nick received the call to go ahead and get the room ordered. Midwest Construction removed the existing Four Season Solarium and prepared the already footed cement front porch. The Oasis All Season Sunroom is specifically designed to use in all of Iowa’s Climates! Fully insulated sidewalls, thermally broken extrusions inside of our, structurally sound vinyl building components provides strength and insulation for our climate changes. Proprietary Formulated Insulated glass from Cardinal Manufacturing provides comfort in any season Iowa will deliver, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Klemme, IA

Homeowners install EcoSmart replacement windows soon after Midwest Construction installed their siding.

Jun 2017

Homeowners install EcoSmart replacement windows soon after Midwest Construction installed their siding.This is the 2nd home these homeowners have worked with Midwest Construction to remodel the exterior of their homes. Back in 2000 Templeton, Iowa area homeowners hired Midwest Construction to install replacement windows in their century old home. They were so please with the work performed in the past they called upon Midwest Construction to give them a bid for siding. The siding job was installed last January and the job looks great! This spring Troy Deaton Senior Design Consultant, met with his previous customer to discuss new windows and patio doors. 6 weeks later the Midwest Construction window crew got to work and installed EcoSmart windows and Patio doors. Here are the comments they left on the completion certificate!

Templeton, IA

Is it wood? Is it fiber cement? No, it is an advanced composite polymeric siding called Everlast

May 2017

Everlast Advanced Composite Siding carries a life time non-fade protection. Fiber cement siding best finish warranty is 15 years and prorates after the first year. What that means to homeowners, you will need to paint your house again. The advantages of Everlast Advanced Composite Siding outweighed the advantages of having a fiber cement product. Everlast Advanced Composite Siding is a third less weight on the sidewalls of your home, Everlast can be installed below grade without any rot, the list goes on……….. Everlast Advanced Composite Siding is unlike any other siding you’ve considered. The moment you see it, you’ll know why. Solid construction means the planks don’t bend or bow, and align perfectly against the outer walls of your home. Everlast offers two trim collections – Premium Everlast Color-Matched Trim which is available in all 14 deep, rich colors and white cellular PVC trim* which cuts and installs just like wood.

Urbandale, IA

Centerville, Iowa EcoSmart Windows Installed

May 2017

Centerville, Iowa is about 90 mile drive from our Grimes, Iowa location and Midwest Construction covers that market and all of Iowa deliver Quality Products & Quality Installation of exterior home improvements. So after looking in the phone books and online they decided to ask some of their friends who they used. Midwest Construction was mentioned and the call was made to schedule an appointment. Monte Johnson a 15 year sales veteran with Midwest Construction was issued the appointment. Monte was the sales rep that worked with the friends who referred Midwest Construction. After meeting with both homeowners Monte came up with an exact cost to replace their windows and a solution to their window problems. Midwest Construction installed custom built EcoSmart Replacement windows throughout the entire house including the egress windows.

Centerville, IA

Screen Porch installed Johnston, Iowa

May 2017

These homeowners love the open air feeling of their new Oasis Screen Room The existing deck was removed because it had exceeded its lifespan and also needed new footings to pass building codes to support the additional weight of the room and snow load. Here are the homeowners having dinner the first night it was finished

Johnston, IA