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We strive to earn and keep your business. We look forward to being your electrician.
We strive to earn and keep your business. We look forward to being your electrician.

Top questions to ask before hiring an hvac company

What type of insurance do you have? Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals work on a variety of mechanical areas of the home. You'll want to ask specific questions regarding professional training and licensing, as well as what types of insurance they have (for example, mold, air pollution or worker's compensation). It's fair to ask for the dollar amounts they are covered and a quality professional will show you verification of coverage.

HVAC professionals attend to a home's thermal needs as well as air quality. Because of the technical aspects of HVAC work, find out the scope of work your professional can perform. You may only need your heating unit serviced however, if this professional also specializes in energy efficiency, mold assessment, or offer ways for you to save on energy costs, you may want to hire them for future projects. Because some equipment is gas-powered, your professional should be able to answer questions about installing gas lines and permitting.

Ask about guarantees on labor or warranties on parts for your HVAC project. It's common to have a time limitation on parts and equipment. Save any paperwork related to your project so you can refer back to instruction manuals or serial numbers.

When working with a heating and cooling professional, ask if their company offers pricing incentives to encourage you to hire them on a regular basis. It's common to have your equipment inspected and serviced at least once a year. Your HVAC company may also offer special pricing on filters, ventilation cleaning or energy assessments.

Regardless of the scope of your project, find out what you need to do to prepare your home for their visit. For example, the HVAC professional will need access to the areas in question and may need access to other mechanical or ventilation points. Make sure pets and children are kept out of the way. Ask if your project will involve removing dry wall or making any other structural changes – you may need to hire a professional drywall contractor to patch up HVAC work. If you are adding a unit that may contribute to carbon monoxide within the home, find out if you need to purchase a carbon monoxide detector.

Everything You Need to Know About Harvey HVAC Companies

Does the hvac contractor I want to hire need to be licensed in Harvey?

Before you start any project, it is crucial to learn about the certifications and licenses that you or your HVAC Contractor need to have. There are 5 hvac contractors in Harvey that are licensed.

Here are the types of license(s) HVAC Contractors need to have to work on HVAC jobs in ND:

Who are the best HVAC Contractors in Harvey?

We've found 50 hvac contractor providers that are available to you in Harvey.

Keep in mind that every project has different requirements, and some hvac contractor professionals maybe be more equipped to handle the specifications of your hvac work than others. Talk to multiple hvac contractors before deciding which one is right for you. You will want to consider how much they charge, if they are properly licensed for hvac work in Harvey, and if your project is a fit. Here are some suggested professionals and companies to get you started:

  • Robert Gibb & Sons Inc.
  • Town & Country Plumbing & Heating Inc
  • Hillsboro Cooling Heating Refrigeration Inc
    • Location: Harvey
    • Been in business since: 1935
  • Hastings Heating & Air Cond
    • Location: Harvey
  • AR Engh Heating And Air Conditioning, Inc.
    • Location: Harvey
    • Been in business since: 2005

What should I check for once my HVAC Contractor in Harvey has finished working?

Every hvac project is going to have different results, but here are a few things to check for once any hvac company has told you they've finished the job:

  • Obviously you want to do a visual inspection. Even if you're unfamiliar with hvac work, this gives you the opportunity to ask questions (even basic ones like, what did you do?).
  • Ask the hvac contractor to describe what they did. Whether your hvac project was a repair job or a building job, have them run you through what was done.
  • Compare the description provided on your hvac project estimate to the work completed. Did the professional do what was promised?
  • Request that the hvac contractor do a follow-up visit to check on the work. Most professionals are willing to do this, especially if you ask them.