Billy Outlaw

Remodeling Contractor - Hot Springs National Park, AR

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The Office

Sep 2018

This was a very specific layout for a very small space. The need was to find maximum storage and work space in a confined area. So, I designed and built custom furniture and cabinets to meet the clients need for an office and music room.


Hot Springs, AR

The Ramp

Aug 2018

This porch and ramp had to be re-built after a tree fell on it during a storm. We expanded the deck and ramp to be equal in width. I also added a metal roof to match the metal roof on the mobile home. I extended the roof over the deck and ramp surface by 2'0" to help shed the water and rain blow in. We've had a lot of rain since I finished it in August, and it works.


Mount Ida, AR

Commercial Office

Aug 2018

This was a job with multiple projects. Working with a designer and my designs, we created a very unique working environment. I built several contemporary desk, individual and multiple seating, and a custom kitchen. All cabinets and countertops were built from raw materials, no prefab parts. However, I used a metal fabricator for the x bracing and post for the desk. The glass tops were made by a local glass shop. I also did the finish work as well as the installation.


Little Rock, AR

Doctors Office

Aug 2017

Designed, Fabricated, Finished and Installed a doctors office. Several exam rooms, nurses station, media area, ADA restrooms, a kitchenette and a custom curved reception desk. All cabinetry was built european style, with adjustable bases. All cabinets and countertops were built from scratch. I used a countertop fabricator for the quartz countertops on the front reception desk. I was involved with this project not only as the cabinet and millworks contractor, but I also acted as project manager from the inception of the job.


Little Rock, AR

DW Dock

Nov 2016

Design and Build a Stationary Diving Dock with round post and large rope rigging.


Roland, AR

Trav Bath

Nov 2014

This was a very simple 1970's master bath. I tore everything out to the bare walls. Removed all the old wallpaper and mudded the bad spots from tear off. I made all cabinets and the vanity. I built all the doors. I did all painting for the walls and trim and the cabinets. I also expanded the area for the shower from the old tub space. It was necessary to jack hammer out the old drain system and lower it into the ground and re-cover with new concrete to get the drainage below the slab grade. This was a house with no crawl space built on a concrete slab foundation. After all the prep work was finished, a new custom sized shower pan and drain system had to be installed. I designed the new shower to be covered in travertine marble and mosaics on the shower floor. I also installed a bench in the end. The shower had a stationary head and a hand held wand. I had a helper on this project and we did all the work including all plumbing and some minor electric . The Clear Glass shower wall and door were made and installed by a local glass fabricator. Also, this job took longer than anticipated due to some extra work not in the original scope of the project.


Benton, AR

Roxie's Screen Porch

Aug 2014

This is a screen porch with lots of features. It is built as a Timberframe structure using dimensional lumber. We first removed the metal awning over the concrete patio. We used the patio as a foundation, so we did not remove to concrete. We started the construction by cutting square and assembling 2x12's and 2x10's to create all our post. We did the same for our beams by joining them side by side. After making all the main post and beams, We began the construction of the structure. Laying out our pieces in frames on very large saw horses we built for this job. Once we had cut our notches and slots the way timberframing is done, we framed the deck substructure. Notches were cut for all the post to fit the frame. During one of our material deliveries, the forklift driver helped us place our top ridge beam. Thank You Very Much. Our roof was tied into the existing house. Framing of the structure and roof sheathing on the rough in was finished. I used a qualified roofer to tie in the shingles and it matched perfectly, as though it was original. We wanted a two-toned finish so we stained all flooring for the deck and all ceiling beadboard in the staging area and stained the main structure when it was assembled. We installed lights, fan and recepticles. To finish it off I added curved steps to the front entrance and a wagon spoke front rafters. The screens were added and for a touch of class made chippendale frames for the bottom rails and kick plate. When we were through the homeowner treated all the workers involved to a homemade Crab Boil. Mmmm Mmmmm


Bryant, AR

No Rails

Sep 2012

These were a set of stairs that were three levels with platforms that had no rails or bannisters. The client had seen some of my work and new that I had the imagination and skills to create what he wanted. I built a new bannister to match his flooring from raw materials. Rails to match the angles of the walls to the second level. The cable railing was our collabrative idea to have an open view to the bottom floor. The way I made the railing was an inexpensive way to achieve the end product. I used simple parts from the hardware store. Since then I have been introduced to the actual stainless steel cabling system. The bottom window seals were completely rotted out from black mold and flooding. I replaced all with new seals by jacking up the stiles, by removing the old and sliding a new board in its place. After re-securing the new ones, I caulked and sealed with silicone and a new paint job to match the upper stiles. I did not paint the rest of the house. I finished the job by trimming all the stair edges. Here is some other info that might be helpful. The homeowner owns a moving company and sometimes items are damaged or broken. I would repair or make new parts for the broken furniture when I lived in the area.


Little Rock, AR

Lewis Exterior

Jul 2012

Entire Exterior Repair and Paint. One Base color and two trim colors. Repaired loose siding and rebuilt most of the front porch and stair rails. Repaired several pieces of trim. Fixed areas from water damage. Re- screened all Screen Doors. Powerwashed and Stained Deck. I built the Deck in 2009. The temperature was in the 100's when this work was being done.


Roland, AR