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Radon Mitigation, Bedford, NH

Jun 2019

This homeowner had high levels of radon in their home. Our production team sealed all the cracks throughout the foundation walls and floors, and then installed a radon vent system to help lower the levels of radon.


Bedford, NH

3-Season Sunroom

Aug 2015

Installed a 3-season Betterliving sunroom upon an existing deck.


Chelmsford, MA

3-Season Sunroom for Hot Tub

Jul 2015

Built a new deck with 3-Season sunroom installed on top. The space encloses the homeowners new hot tub, providing a year-round private room away from the bugs.


Pembroke, NH

Pool Patio Repair

May 2015

The concrete patio surrounding this pool was gradually sinking around the perimeter. We used PolyLEVEL to fill the voids hidden underneath the slabs and raised the lower sections back to level. The cracks were then repaired and sealed.


Brookline, NH

Derry, NH Settling Foundation

Apr 2015

A corner of this home in Derry, NH was sinking, which was evident by the cracks found in the garage wall. Upon excavating and addressing the issue, we found the footing of the foundation was installed (10 years ago) upon logs and stumps. As the wood decomposed, the house sank. We permanently stabilized the foundation and lifted it slightly.


Derry, NH

Erickson Construction Home Addition & Porch

Mar 2015

Family room addition, second floor addition over existing garage, and wrap around porch. Also includes a full basement level below the family room.


Nashua, NH

Two Story Extension

Jan 2015

24' x 20' Two Story Addition Extended family room and master bedroom suite


Derry, NH

Sun Porch & Decking

Dec 2014

This is the second job we've completed for this family. Removed existing enclosed porch and built new 4 season sun porch with custom wood stove. The job also entailed extending the existing deck out 5 more feet and replacing the decking.


Merrimack, NH

3 Season Patio Room

Oct 2014

Removal of old decking and railings. Attached a 13' x 13' 3 season patio sunroom to the existing home, 6" insulated ceiling panels, insulated windows & door, complete with electrical and laminated flooring. Also built a landing with 3 steps leading down from the sunroom.


Danville, NH