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Confidential Client in Downtown Dayton

Feb 2015

Problem: Water leaked from frozen pipes within a high rise building damaging multiple floors beneath. Damage could not be visibly determined. Solution: ERAtech professionals responded at 5:30 am on a Saturday morning using Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology and Moisture Meters to determine what areas on the floors beneath were impacted and needed to be dried out to reduce the chances of mold growth.

Dayton, OH

Mold Assessment for Confidential School in vicinty of Greenville Ohio

Jan 2015

Problem: Teacher noticed blackened ceiling tiles near ceiling supply vent for classroom. Concerned for health of herself and students. Solution: ERAtech Professional collected surface and air samples within the area of concern and outside for comparison purposes. Air samples inside were not found to be elevated over the outside levels. However; surface samples did find a limited amount of mold growth that needed to be cleaned. Humidity control and HVAC maintenance was recommended. Additional housekeeping procedures were also recommended on a regular basis to remove any future growth.

Greenville, OH

Confidential Client in Xenia

Dec 2012

Problem: Homeowner complained of odor and suspected mold within home. Solution: Homeowner contacted professional mold remediation contractor after ERAtech discovered two areas of mold growth. ERAtech returned after the contractor had thoroughly removed damaged drywall and disinfected the mold growth within the home. ERAtech conducted a visual re-inspection and "clearance" sampling and confirmed the contractor had removed all mold growth.

Xenia, OH

Confidential Client in Downtown Columbus

Apr 2012

Problem: Employee suspected mold growth within offices was affecting her health. Solution: ERAtech conducted a visual inspection and collected indoor and outdoor air samples determining that mold growth was not elevated above the outdoor levels. Her exposure to mold inside was less than her exposure outdoors.

Columbus, OH