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AMP and Panel Installation

Mar 2014

Installed Amp and Panel. Checked lighting


Lenoir, NC

Gap Outlet

Feb 2014

Diagnose and repair two door alarm buzzers. One door alarm just needed to be reset and then it worked fine. The second door however, took a lot of troubleshooting in order to fix. The problem was found in the part of the buzzer that told it the door was shut. After some adjusting the part worked fine which also allowed the buzzer to sound.


Blowing Rock, NC

Old Navy

Jan 2014

Diagnose problem with receptacle in men's department. Found receptacle to be bad and box it was mounted in wasn't properly secured to the wall. Replaced receptacle and anchored the metal box to the mounting location.


Hickory, NC

Lenoir apartment energy usage testing

Jan 2014

Test panel in one apartment of an apartment complex that is consistently above normal for that complex. All circuits are working properly after testing every circuit using a volt meter. Determined high bills are due to customer keeping thermostat for home set at 85 F all winter. Customer has a heat pump which uses an internal electric heater to heat the home when there isn't enough heat in the air for the heat pump to extract and use. Since the area had been setting record average lows all winter, the auxiliary electric heat was running almost all the time.


Lenoir, NC

Shed Wiring

Dec 2013

Wired shed using wiring from house.


Hickory, NC

Electrical Work

Dec 2013

Replaced ballast and rewired church sign.


Harmony, NC


Dec 2013

Ran receptacle to another circuit to avoid having light on a timer. Fixed main signal.


Hickory, NC

Electric Work

Dec 2013

Sub-panel electric hookup.


Hickory, NC

Bathroom Remodel

Dec 2013

New vanity light, bathroom electrical remodel.


Elkin, NC