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10 reviews

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Clarkdale Dr. - Gazebo Assembly

Sep 2016

This was a Lowe's purchased Gazebo. We can out and assembled and placed the Gazebo. Allen + Roth Black Square Grill Gazebo (Foundation: 10-ft x 10-ft) Lowe's Item # 401997 Model # L-GZ340PC0-5


Huntington Beach, CA

Country Club Dr - Termite damage repair

Jun 2016

When you have a wood siding home with lots of wood-work complements, it makes for a termite fest. Recommendations; hire a good termite control company that will stay on top of the termite issues and repair or replace your damaged wood. We are actually experts in this area, in most cases; we will repair the wood with BONDO. Note: this is not the same as a plaster fix that will not last. We use acrylic bondo to do the repairs. This is a lengthy process, but a permanent one for sure. We basically dig out all the damage and then reconstruct the wood out of bondo, prime and paint. The results are a better then wood replacements… let’s face it, termite don’t like plastic.


Long Beach, CA

Spring - Door Nob

Jun 2016

We also do work with local Property management companies. In the past we would post these jobs, yet we now feel it's important to show the small jobs as well. Here we were sent out to put in a door nob. Not that this should be an important task, but to show that we do it all to service our community... from the smallest task to building a home.


Long Beach, CA

Colorado St. - Pebble rock garden

Jun 2016

An example of today’s water resilient garden; the customer was having issues of having dirt flow out of her garden each time it rained or watering. The right side looked a bit haggard from years of needing a new face life. I removed all the old rock and set it aside, removed some dirt, leveled the ground, placed in weed control felt, added a rock edging, replaced the old rock and added new. What a different, instantly was complemented by a neighbor walking by.


Long Beach, CA

Rose Ave - HD Antenna install

May 2016

Obviously, every project is different and all of them have a quirk here and there. When you think you’re able to use existing coaxial cabling, think again. Every obstacle came into reality with this project. Should have been a 4-6 hour job, and it turned out to be 12 hours due to spending too much time trying to use existing cabling. Ah yes, so the project was to install an HD antenna and cable into both the living room and one bed room. After we realized that we were unable to use the existing cabling, we were in and out of the crawl space beneath the home in a flash. Premium HD-TV installed and customer saves hundred $$$ in paid entertainment. Most people don’t realize that FREE TV is still available. In fact, it’s not the old TV of the past, but depending on the antenna you purchase, your location and its placement, you’ll be able to enjoy more than 60 FREE HD channels… that’s right folks! FREE.


Long Beach, CA

Country Club Dr - Sprinkler pipe repair

Apr 2016

Customer was plating some bushes and went a bit too deep and did not notice till two days later when the sprinklers turned on and a gush of water was coming out of his flower bed. I came out dug to find two punctures in two different areas, cut out the punctured areas and did the repair.


Long Beach, CA

Contry Club Dr. - Wood Reconstruction/Restoration

Mar 2016

There are basically two ways to repair wood rot or termite damage. You can either replace the wood or repair/reconstruct. The question one would have is how you would determine which way to go. Reconstruction takes a lot of patience and skill and a will to restore the damage to original as possible. Layering bondo is a definite skill set, and working it into wood and restoration is another thing altogether. So to answer the question, it really depends where and what the repair is. In this particular case, we first determined what occurred that made this happen is the first place, then made sure that was corrected or repaired first. Then it was determined that the cost to reconstruct was a lot less expensive then to replace, because in this case there where panels that were formed around the 4X6's . If the reconstruction is done correctly, no one will ever know the difference. How it was done: - Dig out all damaged wood. - Spray existing wood with wood hardener. - Using either plated or outdoor deck screws, screw into the existing wood to form a place where the bondo will adhere to. Screws should be placed at different depths, some placed just slightly below the surface of where the bondo blends into the wood. - Apply the bondo in steps to start forming the wood back to normal… pushing the bondo into the wood to insure there are no internal air gaps. - Use cardboard to help re-frame the wood and use Vaseline on the cardboard to assure that when the bondo starts to dry it won’t stick. - Now for the finish work… sand (refill if needed), re-sand if needed and then using a Dremel tool, grind the lines into the bondo to emulate wood. Prime the bondo and paint.


Long Beach, CA

Albury - Electrical panel, can lighting and removal of acustic ceiling project

Jul 2015

Customer needed an old electrical panel to be replaced for a updated model. We put in new can lighting in both the kitchen and living are, took out acoustic ceiling in the living area and painted both the kitchen and living room.


Long Beach, CA

Crystal Cove - Cement Slab project

Jun 2015

Customer needed a concrete patio in place of her current white rock. Slab measured 11' x 17'.


Long Beach, CA