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La Petite Academy Niceville

Nov 2014

This job was a decent sized job. The kids at the daycare center had a yard that was in extreme need of some attention and new grass. We were called upon to put down new sod, a brand new irrigation system, and 60 yards of new playground mulch for the play areas.


Niceville, FL

Cedar Ridge Subdivision

May 2014

For this project, the homeowner decided the original landscape installation with his new house was lacking, so he called upon us at Northwest Florida Landscaping, Inc. to come up with a way to make it look nicer and increase curb appeal without breaking his budget. To solve this problem, we were able in install a small retaining wall and repeat that same block as a retaining edge on an ornamental bed on the side of the driveway. We then finished it off by pulling out the pine straw that was originally used and replacing it with a deep red mulch.


Milton, FL

Gulf Breeze Ave

Mar 2014

This customer was looking to take a plain looking landscape and ad to it to be more welcoming and to make it look like the bayside oasis they wanted. We removed a lot of plantings in the front of the house and put in new beds in the front and beside the driveway, cleaned out the existing beds, and then planted 5 Sabal Palms and a few Sago Palms. We edged the beds with some rock that the customer really liked and made a walkway through one of the bed to access the side yard. The customer also had some drainage issues in the front flower beds and requested some drainage systems be put in place, so we were more than happy to ad two french drains that drain to a lower part of the property and run off with the rest of the rain water. Last, we topped all the beds off with some fine rich red gravel, giving the house a truly finished look and giving the customer the bayside oasis they were looking for.


Pensacola, FL

Skyline Fire Rescue District

Oct 2013

At the local fire department, a new fire hydrant was installed, but they found that when flushing the hydrant out, erosion was occurring around the hydrant. To solve this problem, we volunteered to place a small retaining wall and fill it with stone to aid in drainage and to prevent erosion.


Milton, FL

Winner's Gait Subdivision

Jul 2013

This customer is one of our lawn maintenance customers and has a very lush backyard area, but was looking to ad a little more finished look to it. That's when he called on us to pull back some of the sod around his pergola and put a good clean edge on the grass and place mulch around his plants he had already established.


Milton, FL

Land Clearing

Jan 2015

This is a portfolio of land clearing projects we have done for multiple customers. We do everything from simple underbrushing to clearing entire lots for new construction.

Milton, FL

Various Lawn Maintenance

Jan 2014

This is a portfolio of any lawn maintenance that we do. Lawn maintenance can encompass anything from regular mowing, to full service that includes hedge trimming, tree pruning, mulch/pine straw, and planting.

Pensacola, FL